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Draconic Chart

How to use this Draconic Chart?

Using this Draconic Chart you can find exactly what you are looking for. This is a Free generator that gives you the report based on the details you give it. Check out the Draconic birth chart and synastry chart interpretation below the calculator.

  • The Draconic is a special type of astrological chart.
  • It is also referred to as the “soul chart” or “the natal chart of the soul.”
  • Draconic charts offer insight into the soul’s purpose, higher self, and spiritual connections.

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What is Draconic Chart?

Draconic charts, also referred to as “soul charts,” or “natal charts of the soul”, are astrological charts used in the field of evolutional astrology. They are derived from the Moon’s north node, which is referred to as the “Dragon’s Head” or “Rahu” in the Vedic astrological system.

This chart is calculated by assigning the same degrees to all planets and points of the natal chart as to the North Node, which symbolizes the evolution and spiritual journey of the soul in this life. The Draconic Chart is interpreted in terms of the North Node’s symbolism and meaning, as well as its relationship to the planets and points on the chart.

How does this Draconic Chart work?

The Draconic Chart is calculated by moving the planets and points of your natal chart up to the same degree as the North Node. The North Node is a symbol of your soul’s evolution and spiritual journey in this life. You’ll need your normal natal chart as well as the date, time, and place you were born.

What is draconic astrology?

Draconic Astrology, also referred to as “soul-centered astrology” or “natal chart of soul,” is a subfield of astrology concerned with the evolution of the soul and spiritual development. Draconic Chart Calculations and InterpretationsA Draconian chart is calculated by moving all the planets or points in the natal chart of the moon to the same degree as the north node of the moon, also called the Dragon’s Head.

What is a draconic transit chart?

Draconic Transit Charts are astrological charts that combine the principles of Draconic Astrology and Transits. As previously discussed, the calculation of a Draconic Chart involves the alignment of all planets and points in the natal chart to align to the same degree as the north node of the Moon.

How is draconic astrology calculated?

Figuring out your natal chart is a bit tricky. You need to know when you were born, where you were born, and where the sun, moon, and planets were at the time you were born. You also need to figure out where the north node of the moon is in your natal chart (also known as the dragon’s head or Rahu in Vedic astrology).