Moon Sign Tables & Calculator (Find Your Moon)

Every cosmic entity has its groove, and then there’s the Moon, the celestial mood ring. It reveals your emotional landscape, how you feel, and what makes your heart dance.

Moon Sign Tables

How to Find Your Moon Sign?

If deciphering star maps isn’t your thing, chill. Glance at the table below for your Moon vibe. For instance, if you’re curious about someone born on January 15th, 1990, the Moon slid into Aries on January 12th, 1990, and waltzed into Taurus on February 3rd, 1990. So, a January 15th, 1990er is riding the Moon vibes of Aries. Times given are ET. For the details on Moon in the signs, peep our Moon in the Signs article.

What zodiac signs are in the Moon?

The Moon, the cosmic confidant, snagged the signs flanking Taurus and Aries (that’s Gemini and Pisces). It’s the emotional navigator, sharing vibes with the duo (Gemini and Pisces).

Is the Moon good or bad in astrology?

The Moon, the cosmic heart in Vedic Astrology lingo, is the mood maestro. It’s not just a nightlight; it’s about intuition, feelings, and the ebb and flow of life. Think of it as your celestial therapist, guiding you through the emotional tides.