AstroCartography Chart

How to use this chart?

The map shows a series of lines spread around the earth. These lines depict the paths of planets at the time when you were born.

  • To get an accurate chart, your birth details need to be accurate and then you can add the details like your birth date and location in the form below.
  • Then just hit Submit and using all this information and the sun-moon rising signs you will get to know about it.

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What is the astrocartography?

Have you ever wondered how different locations have different effects on our lives? Most people simply think it to be bad luck or good luck. But what if there is a deep spiritual connection between all of these? One such thing is astrocartography.

An astrocartography is a chart used to describe the effects of different locations on the star’s position in your life.

What does it mean?

Astrocartography was created by Astrologist Jim Lewis in the 1970s. It explains how different locations and energies play a role in our daily life. Astrocartography deals with the location where the planets such as the sun, moon,  Venus, and Mercury were rising or settling around the earth at the time of your birth. Different planets will have different effects on your life.

Sun ☉:

If you are suffering from a low level of confidence. You are constantly dealing with self-doubt and you are constantly in doubt that you may not be living your life enough. You should try visiting these Astro places. These places will show you your true worth. Not only this you will find success and also bring positive influence on others.

Moon ☾:

This line will form a true connection with your internal world. You will feel the most satisfied emotionally if you visit these lines. Also, they will bring out the deepest intuitions hidden in yourself. Moreover, these lines have a maternal meaning and feminine aspects. If you want to feel understanding and compassion, your desires will be fulfilled.

Mercury ☿:

If you want to work on your communication with people and boost intellectually. You must visit places on these Astro lines. These are the lines where you will be connected to people by linguistics or writing. You will feel the sharpest mentally. Hence, these areas are the best to find your creative self.

Venus ♀:

If you want to have a radiating personality it is difficult for people to resist. You should try visiting these lines. Venus is most probably linked to success, beauty, and love. Hence, when you follow this line it may lead to your life partner or you may end up being highly successful in something.

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How to find AstroCartography?

If you find your Astro map you can do so by visiting various astrocartography websites online. These websites will need some of your information such as date of birth, city of your birth, and time of your birth to navigate your free chart.

Moreover, if you want a precise best astrocartography reading you can also go to an astrologist. Once you get your chart figured out, you can use this chart to see which location affects you in what way.

  • Each line has a meaning, planet, and purpose defined for it. these lines are also linked to different points geographically.
  • So by understanding these lines, you can know your connection to these places.
  • For the planet lines, the following abbreviations are used: AC (Ascendant), IC (Imum Coeli), MC (Midheaven), and DC (Descendant). These lines have special definitions that you can use to interpret their meanings about planetary facts.
  • Astrologers read your birth chart which comes next to your astrocartography map to get deep insights about who yourself and your activities.

What is the best astrocartography line to live a life on?

The lines of the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus could prove to be the best lines to live a life on. They are known to provide positive effects on one’s life. These planets provide neutrality, warmth, and coziness.

How to get my astrocartography chart?

If you wish to get your chart you can get it from various websites. All you have to do is enter some of your data such as your birth place, birth date, and birth time. Various chart calculators are available online. Which you can use to see the motions of planets around the world.

How can you define astrocartography symbols?

You can read the astrocartography planetary symbols by these lines. The closer you are to any of the lines, the more you will feel its energy. Moreover, these planet lines have abbreviations as AC (Ascendant), DC (Descendant), MC (Midheaven), and: IC (Imum Coeli).

Is AstroCartography real?

Astrocartography is just a birth chart according to the Earth. Some astrologers say that astrocartography is as real as one’s birth. Because it is based on a person’s birth information.

How can we use astrology for relocation purposes?

You can use your astrocartography chart for the relocation of your place, Here’s how: For example, if you are born in one place and you want to shift to another place. You will take your birth chart and transpose it to the second place. Then you will have to study the effect of these place geography impact change.

Which house is good for Travelling in astrology?

There are various houses in astrology. If you want to travel to the houses of 4th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 12th and their combination could be good for you. These are good houses for traveling abroad.