Solar Return Chart [Calculator & Interpretation] 

How to use this Calculator to get the Chart?

  • There will be an option available in which you need to fill in your date of birth along with the time of birth as well.
  • After the completion of the first step, You will see a space in which you will enter the birth city.
  • After doing the initial steps now you will be required to enter the return year and after that, you will need to add the city of the return.
  • Then after doing all of these steps all you need is to hit the button mentioning calculate the return.

Solar Return Chart Calculator

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What is the solar return chart?

The chart is quite significant. The sun’s position at the time of your birth will return to its birth position every year after twelve months. This given chart is used to pinpoint the position of the sun when it returned to its birth position. This is an amazing tool, which can easily tell you about the future of your upcoming year.

This chart is quite simple but can be a great tool to predict the short-term future. This chart can calculate when our astrological birthday is. It can be a different day as compared to the birthday but the date will be the same.

How does this chart work?

As one knows, time is changing quickly. Technology is improving day by day just like it, the charts are also evolving with time. Some charts available in the market can decode the relationships, they can even give you hints about a certain phase of life and they can give some short-term predictions as well.

The solar return chart can be one of these charts. The given chart is calculated on the bases of the time of birth, date of birth, city of birth, and current location where you will celebrate your birthday. In the calculations, it does not matter how you will celebrate your birthday, all that matters is where you will be doing it. The location change will give different results.

What is the purpose of this chart?

Just like any other chart, this chart also reveals some important insights. The solar chart is used to identify your sun-ruled themes. A common example of this is what type of challenges will be coming your way in the period of the next 12 months until your next year’s birthdate. Now some people use this chart to select their birthday destinations if they are confused between either celebrating their birthday in Paris or New York.

Now what you need is to create your return chart by giving the online tool two different sets of data for both of these cities separately and then you will compare both charts after seeing the results you can easily decide where you will be celebrating your birthday.

How do you read the chart?

The chart reading is significant if you do not know how to read it then simply read this answer below. To read the chart successfully you will need to follow three steps.

  • By looking at the diagram, you are required to locate the hour line.
  • After this, you must locate the data line. There are two types of lines, one is dotted and the other one is a solid line. The solid ones represent the months Jan-June while the dotted ones represent the months July-Dec
  • After the completion of the two major steps, you are required to find a point where these two lines will intersect.

How accurate is the chart?

Well, yes, the chart is quite accurate but the results depend upon how well you interpret the chart. If the interpretation is average then the accuracy levels will drop. If a professional and an experienced individual then the accuracy levels will be on the higher side. Another thing that affects the accuracy is the nature of the data. If the given data is faulty then the chart will not be very accurate.

What is the difference between the birth and solar return chart?

This type of chart differs significantly from the others. The birth chart remains active for the rest of your life while the return chart is only active for a year.