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How to use this Calculator?

A natal chart works very simply. You will have to add some of your information about yourself first. Follow the steps given:

  • Enter your date of birth. Birth time and place in the search bars.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • If you do not know what the exact time of your birth is, you can still know your birth chart by simply clicking and adding a rough estimated time.

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What is a Natal Chart?

A natal chart deals with the accurate position of major stars on the period, day, and place where you were born. Additionally, it can also be called the birth chart. Because it primarily deals with the birth of a person. The chart will define a person’s personality, characteristics, and directions in life.

Now if you are thinking about where you can have the best free chart interpretation? Well, here we have a free tool for you that will provide an accurate and authentic natal chart calculation for you.

What is the use of this Chart?

It tells a lot of information about a person’s characteristics. It will tell you deep information regarding your personality, characteristics, career, relationships, career, behavioral tendencies, and the new turn your life will take in the upcoming future. Therefore, the chart is quite important if you are into astrological concepts. Many people in today’s life use charts as a source of inspiration for various life events.

Your natal chart will guide you on your journey to get married, your life choices, and events occurring in your life. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the bad things and only want the good things to hurl around you. Using an online chart calculator can help you. These online charts are easy to use. They provide accurate information because they are based on astrological ideas.

What are known as the three big signs present in a chart?

The sun moon and rising signs are known as the big signs. Because they play a role in founding your personality. These three signs talk to each other a lot. Therefore, they play a key role in affecting one’s life events.

What can be said to be the most accurate birth chart?

In terms of accuracy, the Vedic astrology is the best one. It deals with nakshatras, planets, zodiac signs, and their movements and position’s influence on a person’s life. Therefore, it is said to be the most precise among various astrological concepts.

What birth chart is the rarest?

The grand square or grand cross is said to be the rarest natal chart. It occurs only when the four personal planets are separately placed from each other by ninety-degree angles. This situation will form a cross or a square shape in a person’s birth chart.

What is known as the most powerful characteristic of a birth chart?

The most powerful characteristic of a birth chart is a trine. Further, the Venus trine Jupiter is known to be the lucky aspect of planets in astrology. Both of these planets work as lesser and higher benefits.

What do my rising signs mean?

Your rising sign will indicate the zodiac sign that was arising at your birth time on the eastern horizon. If you want to study your events in life with deeper insights. Then you must understand the study of the rising sign and sun.

What is the difference between a natal and a birth chart?

No, there is no difference between the natal chart and the birth chart. Both of these terms are used synonymously. These charts deal with the positions of stars when a person is born.

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Do the birth charts have opposite signs?

Yes, there are six opposite signs in a person’s birth chart. These signs include Virgo and Pisces, Leo and Aquarius; Cancer and Capricorn; Gemini and Sagittarius; Taurus and Scorpio; and Aries and Libra.

Does your birth chart say anything about you?

Yes, the birth chart gives a lot of insights and ideas about the life of a person. For example, you can get to know insights about your personality, fears, drives, relationships, behavioral patterns, and many other things.

What was it like in the past?

In the past people had to study heavy astrology books, hire an astrologer, or study an astrology chart to get their chart. But as technology has progressed, we have been able to get charts from various astrology calculators present online.