Sidereal Birth Chart

How to use the Sidereal Calculator?

  • At first, there will be some options available in which you need to fill in your date of birth along with the time of birth as well.
  • After the initial first step, you should add your birth city in the blank space.
  • After following the initial two steps you are required to select the house system and the ayanamsa but in this chart both options are pre-selected. The house system is the whole sign and the ayanamsa is Lahiri.
  • After all of these steps, there is a box present in which a Submit is written. You simply just click it and after this, your chart will appear and it can be downloaded as well.

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What is the sidereal birth chart?

The chart uses the constellations in other words the zodiac sign of any individual. The given chart is used to find the current position of the zodiac sign; the chart system uses the corrective and more advanced system of equations to identify the current position of the zodiac signs.

So that the chances of error can be reduced, it can never be zero but can be reduced to the minimum percentage. By using some advanced sets of equations.

How does the calculator work?

The answer to this question can be very straightforward. As many people already know, our stars in space are changing their positions very slowly but it can cause some problems with the dates. This chart simply uses the actual sky above our heads instead of using some type of sensor and tells us the current location of our zodiac sign by the use of some special corrective system of equations.

What is the chart used for?

Well, as we already know that the chart calculations require visible stars in the sky. In the world of stars and the language of stars, the best results come when an individual uses the actual sky above our heads. To describe the essence of soul and personality look at their sidereal charts because this uses the position of the stars by simply using the visible sky.

Will this chart be more accurate?

Vedic astrology is used to adjust the precession while in the western areas of the world people still use the method, which keeps every sign to be fixed at all times. Both the tropical and sidereal are astronomically inaccurate because the origin of astrology reminds us that it’s not about the signs, the thing that matters is the position of planets up in the sky.

Now the tropical charts are sun based while this one uses the position of the sun and its actual relation with the star constellation.  In some parts of the world tropical charts are being used while in some other areas, this global chart is quite famous and excessively used. But there is evidence that this system may offer more precise and in-depth knowledge of the birth charts which can come in handy for people seeking guidance through astrology.

What is true sidereal?

The true sidereal systems consider this fact and use state-of-the-art sets or equations to identify the current positions of every zodiac sign in the sky. So in other words the room for error in this system is quite slim as compared to the tropical system which assumes that the position of stars is fixed throughout.

In the world of astrology, the most used system is the tropical one. While true sidereal astrology is a unique way of giving an individual a more in-depth insight into their birth charts because the true system uses the actual position of the stars in the sky. Now a new question arises that the position of our stars is changing slowly.

What are the most important planets in your chart?

There are two types of designations given to the planets in your chart one is named dominance and the other one is prominence. This segregation will help an individual in understanding which planets have more influence in their given birth chart. The planets in your chart represent some people in your life and the type of relationships you have with them as well. Well, these two types of planets in your chart are significantly important.

The calculation of dominant planets can be done easily by just looking at their concentration and it simply describes the dominant experiences of your relationships. On the other hand, the calculation of the prominent planets will be different from the dominant ones. You can do this by just noting the planet’s position.