What’s my Descendant Sign? [Calculator]

How to use the Calculator?

After putting your birth information in the calculator you will receive info on your descendant sign.

  • By using this information you can deduct a lot about your personality, relationships, and future.
  • This calculator will also link your descendant sign with your ascendant sign for a complete look at your personality.

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What is a descendant sign?

People often believe that the descendant represents their interpersonal style. It will explain just what it is about that object that will make you fall in love with it. Furthermore, it will reveal the profile of a suitable life mate for you. When used in conjunction with your sun and moon signs, your descendant’s sign might shed light on your inner workings.

Through this idea, a whole new branch of astrology has developed. Often called angular astrology, this method interprets your birth chart based on the angles inside it. The ascendant and descendant together provide a fuller picture of a person. Your public character is reflected in your ascendant. Your ideal life partner is represented by the descendant.

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How does a descendant sign calculator work?

By using a descendant star sign calculator, you may avoid the time-consuming and conventional approach of determining your mars sign. It does this by using a well-crafted algorithm that, after receiving some of the details of your birth, produces as an output the Mars sign in a matter of seconds.

How To Calculate Your Descendent Sign Manually?

To determine your descendant sign, you will need to know the precise hour when you were born. Find your birth record and talk to an experienced astrologer if you want the taste, but you can also use a natal chart online calculator to find it out on your own if you want.

If you currently possess a print of your birth chart, you may determine the zodiac sign that your seventh house begins in by looking at the apex of that house. That’s your descendant sign, and the characteristics of that zodiac sign may reveal a lot about the kinds of characteristics you could find attractive in a possible romantic relationship.

What Does The Descendent Sign Represent?

In the same way that our ascendant sign denotes the beginning of our initial house, which deals with ourselves, the descendent denotes the beginning of our seventh house, which deals with relationships.

This house has authority over all of our most intimate one-on-one interactions as well as the obligations we make to other people, such as our connections with our superiors, our company associates, and our best mates.

But this is something that hits home when it comes to our intimate relationships and the people we adore. Having said that, our astrological sign may teach us a deal about the qualities in other people that we find attractive, how we want to reign over the significant contributions and relationships in our life, and even the aspects of ourselves that we may have difficulty accepting.

Because our rising sign is in exact contrast to our descendant sign, the traits that our descendant sign reflects are those that are precisely contrary to those that we deliberately put into the universe. Therefore, our rising sign determines how we look at other people as well as the kind of image we build for ourselves.

This has to do with our first perceptions, the way we respond to different situations, and our characters on the exterior. On the other side, the descendant stands for all that our rising sign does not represent.

How does the ascendant and descendant sign work together?

Both the ascendant and the descendant plane may be thought of as two opposite faces of the identical coin. That is to say, when taken collectively, they constitute our astral identity. This idea helps us comprehend that we have 2 aspects: the way that we view ourselves, and the way that society perceives us.

Astronomy teaches us that these two perspectives are intertwined. Both the Ascendant position and the Descendant position are found on opposing sides of the natal chart. However, they are placed on a similar path of the Zodiac circle and face one another. The Ascendant belongs to the First House, while the Descendant belongs to the Seventh House.

At the precise time of a person’s birth, the astrological sign that is visible in the most eastern part of the sky is referred to as the ascendant. At the same time, the sign that may be detected below the western horizon is referred to as the Descendant. For finding out ascendants there are many ascendant and descendant sign calculators online.

In astrology, the Ascendant and Descendant axis may control Houses that are opposed to one another. However, rather than splitting the two halves into two distinct entities, these axis links relate and enhance them to create a unified whole. Try Gardening Moon Calendar.

How does the descendant sign show weakness and strength?

Our descendant sign has all of the characteristics tendencies, talents, and weak spots we try to keep hidden from the world. This is one of the reasons why we will always find ourselves attracted to the same attributes again and over again.

They’re like the parts of the character jigsaw that we’re lacking, the gaps in our lives that we’re always trying to patch up via the connections we make with other people. The adage that “opposing forces attract” holds in this situation: There is perceptible friction that develops between both the attributes that we accept as being a part of ourselves and the ones that we try to ignore or that we believe we are lacking.

Therefore, it only becomes a reason that the things we will not have are also the things that we discover ourselves being drawn in by on an unconscious level. However, another significant connection should also be brought to your attention here. Even though they are governed by conflicting zodiac signs, people who occupy the same “axis” in astrology tend to have comparable ideals and objectives in life.

In light of this, it is not surprising that we are drawn to the characteristics of our ancestors; they indicate a differentiated approach to accomplishing what it is that we want to do, and it is only normal that this should be appealing. By reading this article you may have found the answer to the question of how to figure out the descendant sign.

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