What’s my Mars Sign? [Mars Calculator]

How to use this calculator?

By using this Mars sign compatibility calculator, you may avoid the time-consuming and conventional approach of determining your Mars sign.

  • It does this by using a well-crafted algorithm that, after receiving some of the details of your birth, produces as an output the Mars sign in a matter of seconds.
  • After putting your birth information in the calculator you will receive info on your Mars sign.
  • By using this information you can deduct a lot about your personality, relationships, and future.

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What is mars’ sign?

The position of the powerful planet Mars in our natal charts is analyzed to get insight into how we sexually exhibit ourselves, how much drive we have, and how much we are willing to battle for what we want.

When attempting to get a complete picture of a person’s identity and how they go about getting on with their lives, it is crucial to understand what drives someone on or what gets them to click. It is typically beneficial to determine what zodiac sign Mars is located inside.

It is a strong planet, and understanding its role in how we take charge of our life is essential. Mars is the planet associated with sexuality, ambition, and activity.

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How to Figure Out Your Mars Sign?

Mars travels across the zodiac signs at a rate of an around one-half degree daily. This indicates that it stays in a symbol for close to two months. Additionally, it will go backward about once every 26 months.

Because of this, the most accurate method for locating your natal Mars is to consult your birth chart or make use of an online Mars sign generator, both of which can tell you where Mars was located when you were born. A Mars sign calculator table will help with all this.

What are your Mars returns?

Your Mars return occurs about once every two years and involves the planet Mars returning to the same location in the sky that it occupied at the time of your birth. If you can identify this moment and check in on how you are going and what you are living at the present, it may provide indications as to how you will make changes and how much power you will have in the year that is to come.

Once you have found out your Mars sign it is important to know what it means. For that keep reading the article.

What do Mars signs mean?


When Mars is in Aries, it enjoys one of the most powerful habitations possible. As the natural ruler of Aries, it feels most at ease and “domiciled” in this sign. Individuals that possess this kind of vitality are not scared to take risks and display great bravery.

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Mars in Taurus is a rare occurrence since the red planet is in a condition known as “detriment,” when it is significantly diminished.

However, this is not a reason for concern since it indicates that these people are taking initiative, working toward their objectives, and finding sophisticated and functional ways to communicate their sexual desire.


Mars’s current position in the sign of Gemini emphasizes his mental and verbal abilities. People who are like this tend to be very interested in reason, conversation, and interpersonal bonds. When things become heated, they resort to sabotaging others through their written and spoken remarks.


Our red planet, Mars, is in a particularly vulnerable “fall” phase while transiting Cancer. In any case, that doesn’t make the world an unfavorable environment for it to dwell. Individuals that have this location tend to be very empathetic, but they may also easily get worked up over anything that triggers a hormonal response.


An individual with Mars in Leo is full of self-confidence and ready to pursue their interests and goals in the spotlight. Their private and business goals are equally ambitious, and they radiate charm and determination. The pursuit of happiness is of the utmost importance to them, and they are fighting the good fight against the road that will not allow them to pursue their passions.


One with Mars in Virgo is driven and focused on accomplishing their goals. Typically, these folks are very logical and skilled at juggling several tasks and people. Such people are great organizers and prioritize efficiency.


Mars in Libra is an extremely rare planetary configuration since the red planet’s fiery force is regarded to be in a position known as its “detriment.” This is not an issue; rather, it implies that Mars’ often assertive and direct attitude will be portrayed more subtly and moderately. Check Your Vedic Astrology Chart.


Our red planet, Mars, is particularly potent while positioned in Scorpio, one of the signs he is said to be “residence” in. That kind of upbringing produces people who are crafty and aggressive. When they want something, they will do whatever it takes to obtain it.


When Mars is in Sagittarius, Humans have a fundamentally exploratory and nomadic nature. They yearn for freedom and dislike confinement more than anything else in life. Their “go big or go home” attitude and insatiable appetite for novelty and unpredictability drive them to seek adventure at every step.

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Mars is “elevated” in Capricorn, making it a potent area for the red planet to reside. Mars is said to display some of his finest might in this sign. In other words, the aggressive, purposeful, and driven impulses typical of Mars may be channeled in a controlled and patient manner.


With Mars in Aquarius, one’s expression of vitality takes on a novel and offbeat quality. Extremely passionate and intelligent, they invest themselves wholeheartedly in their pursuits and relationships with others. They are forward-thinking people who are also incredibly sociable and talkative.


A person with Mars in Pisces is likely to be quite sentimental and sympathetic. They are more likely to be emotionally malleable people who are driven by their gut instincts. They place a premium on aspirations and aspirations and put more stock in their instinct and sympathy than in their rationality when deciding how to spend their time. Try your North Node Sign.

All About Your MARS Sign – Your Energy, Aggression, & Ambition