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transit chart

How to use this chart?

If you want to get your chart sitting in your home, our transit calculator website can provide your transit result just with a few details and a single button click.

  • Insert your credentials, that is your name, city, date and time of your birth, your location.
  • Click on the submit.
  • Now you will get your quick chart without any hassle.

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What is a transit chart?

A transit is the motion of the planets concerning your zodiac by your birth charts. It is a chart or cycle divided into 360 degrees. This cycle is divided into 12 parts. Each part is named after well-known constellations.

Astrologers need your birth date and the time of your birth to formulate this chart. In astrology, transits have a deep spiritual significance if you believe in them.

In addition to this, in today’s modern world, various websites can provide you with yearly transit report astrology free of cost. These astrological websites will need a few informational credentials from you. After which you will get your transit chart after some clicks.

How to does it work?

This chart works by explaining the position of planets according to the planetary transition around the zodiac signs. A transit can be known as a natal chart. This means that it shows the movement of planets according to the moon’s positions. This chart explains the current transit of planets and their effects on anybody’s life.

Transit astrology has wide importance in people’s lives. It can cause positive or negative effects. But these transit movements can only cause an impact when they have any impact on the birth chart. These movements can affect a person’s life decisions such as travel, success, marriage, and even childbirth.

The time of birth is most important while sketching a natal or transit. As a result, ensure that the birth information you enter is accurate. The accuracy of information determines the correction of angles, degrees, and signs. Any manipulation of this information can lead to the wrong interpretation of the chart.

What does it mean?

Transit is an astrological concept. It is linked to the positions of various planets such as the sun, moon, and others. It demonstrates what effect these planets have on one’s life events. A transit deals with the current movement of these planets.

Moreover, these planets change their transitioning position from one zodiac sign to another. Due to these movements, various spiritual changes are caused in our daily life. The time frame of these transitions can cause benefits and harm to the moon of one’s birth chart.

How to determine my transits?

You can find out your transit by using the charts. A transit explains the movements of all the planets in the next coming months or years. You can determine your transits through online websites as well. A yearly transit report astrology free of cost will be provided to you online through any of these transit websites. If you want to find them physically, you can ask any expert astrologist.

Is a natal and transit chart the same?

Yes, a transit and a natal chart can be somewhat interrelated. As both of them deals with the position of the planets. However, a natal chart is formed when a person is born and you have to study the movement of planets while the person is born.

But as the planets keep moving and after a movement when they meet the planetary positions of the natal chart. It is called transit.

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How transits are rare?

Transit is an event that does not occur every day. The rarest transits are of the planet Venus because it occurs after 108 years. Transits are celestial events and it takes a lot of time for such events to occur. Earth we can only witness the transits of those planets which are in our solar system.

How many times do transits occur?

Transits do not occur very often. They are considered far rare than eclipses. For example, mercury transit only occurs once every seven years. However, Venus has more complicated transits. It only occurs after every eight years on average.

What can be known as the most difficult transits?

The transits of the 8th and 12th Houses can be known as the most difficult ones. In the old times of astrology, these houses were the most infamous ones. It is because humans are social animals and they do not like it when they are left alone. It brings them to grieve when one of their loved ones dies or leaves the world.

What transits bring financial stability?

Jupiter and Venus’s transits are good for increasing wealth and prosperity. They are called short-term transits. These transits can provide financial stability. If you want to make any financial decision make sure to keep a close eye on these transits.