Natal Chart [Calculator & Interpretation]

natal chart calculator

How to use this calculator?

With the help of your birth details, we can make a Natal chart aka Birth Chart for you. Using this calculator is very simple and easy. All you need to do is provide all the authentic details.

  • First Add Your Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year)
  • Then your Time of birth (including AM/PM)
  • Place of birth (City and country)
  • After all the required information, click on the generate button, and all the information will appear as the visual representation on the Chart.

Birth Date
Exact Birth Time

UTC time offset:

Tip: Make sure the UTC time offset is correct. If it's wrong, you can change it.

It’s the best free natal chart interpretation you can get anywhere online. The Chart generated appears as a diagram with different symbols showing planets, signs, and houses. Each planet is placed in a specific zodiac sign, and different angles between the planets show the complete information about the Chart.

How does this calculator work?

For working for the birth chart calculator, it’s better to work with the elements involved in the Chart. This Chart may include all the possible aspects. It’s similar to the astrology calculator. There are different elements of the birth chart calculator which include:

Identification of planets

Look for the symbols of each planet. The characters include the signs of different worlds.

Identification of zodiac signs

The zodiac signs are around the outer circle of the Chart. The sign has a unique symbol.

Identification of the houses

It shows 12 houses portraying different lives

Planetary placements

Look at the planet symbol and find the house where each planet is located, and it reveals the area of life that the planet’s influence is focused on.

Zodiac sign characteristics

The zodiac sign is associated with the zodiac sign, and it will show how much energy is expressed.

House meanings

The house meanings are associated with the house. Each house has different aspects of life and is based on the house’s symbolism.

You can find the aspect meanings and the aspect signs with the midheaven signs over different planets’ issues. The interpretation of the natal Chart requires much knowledge and practice. Online calculators often provide basic knowledge about experienced astrologers and give deep insights into the Chart.

What is the use of the birth chart calculator?

A birth chart calculator is used in astrology to give results that are original and doubt-free. The Chart is said to be the free birth chart analysis. It shows the birth details of the person.

Personality insights

Different personality insights help people to gain insights about strengths, weaknesses, and potential life experiences.


The self-discovery interprets the natal Chart and offers the people life path, career possibilities, and areas of focus.

Life path and potential

The natal Chart can offer insight into the life path and shows the career possibilities and the main area of focus. The Chart also provides relevant information about the essential life problems

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How precise is the natal calculator?

The precision of the Chart depends on several factors, including different aspects such as the accuracy, data input, the quality of the calculations, and the specific astrological techniques used in finding the natal chart calculations. Some of the main factors are considered important in the analysis. These factors determine the precision of the calculator.

Data Accuracy, Time Zone, Coordinates, Calculation methods, Aspect precision, & Complexity and astrological techniques. These are the factors that provide accurate results for the basic interpretations.

What are the dominant planets?

In astrology, the dominant planets greatly influence the person in the natal Chart. The planets had a strong impact on the person due to their position. Aspects and relationships with the Chart. Different dominant planets involve factors such as a planet, placement, signs, birth chart houses, and elements.

Always check the placement prior. As it is arranged as the rising sign, midheaven, and angles. All such planets have a strong influence on a person’s behavior.

What are the characteristics of a birth chart calculator?

There are different characteristics of the cafe astrology birth chart and these determine the features and functions of the calculator. Various aspects can generate and interpret the person’s natal Chart in astrology.

Data Entry

The calculator provides the information for the birth date and where you can generate the natal Chart.


The reliable calculator takes all the time zones, DST, And geographical coordinates that can account for accurate chart calculations.

Planetary positions

The planetary positions calculate the position of the sun, Moon, Mercury, and all the other positions for the birth information provided.

Zodiac signs and Houses:

The planets have different positions, with the 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses. The calculator provides the basic interpretation of the basic information of the person in the house and its aspects.