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How to use this calculator?

  • There will be an option available in which you need to fill in your date of birth along with the time of birth as well.
  • After this, you have to type in your city of birth in the space below.
  • After filling out the initial steps there is another option waiting for you. There are four different optional calculation methods available. You need to select these.
  • After the optional calculation, and method selection all you need to do is press enter on the box mentioning calculate dominants.

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What are the dominant planets?

The dominant planets have quite an impact on any person’s life. These planets have a strong power of influence over a specific individual; the characteristics of such planets are reflected in the personality of the person whose planets are found after using the information of their birth charts.

How does the dominant sign calculator work?

The process of finding these planets for some people is not very objective. As there are four different optional methods of calculation available in the chart so each astrologer will select the optional methods according to their liking and knowledge the outputs will vary according to the selection.

Therefore, every astrologer will find different sets of commanding planets. Even after the different selection parameters are included, the answer must not deviate from its reference reading by a large margin. Another simple method of finding such a planet is by evaluating the diagram of the given chart.

What is the dominant sign calculator on the planet used for?

This is used to find the most dominant planets of some specific individual. These planets play an important role in people’s lives, the properties of these planets reflect on the personality of the individual whose chart is being created. There is therefore a high demand for this kind of chart, as well as its importance. Different people will achieve different results.

Even different astrologers might interpret different sets of planets. This chart is important in order to change your life. If someone really wants to improve himself or themselves in life then they or should. to learn about their commanding planet they need to study the characteristics of their commanding planet so that they can improve their own skills to excel in life.

How precise is this chart?

As there are four different sets of optional methods, therefore the accuracy cannot be calculated easily as a whole the accuracy can vary depending upon the combinations of the optional calculation methods. So in short, the given chart is not very accurate as compared to some of the other charts like the solar return chart. Still, the overall output will not deviate from a reference value.

How do you find your dominant Planet in astrology?

Astrology is a field of stars. In order to find your dominant planet you must find your ruling planet first. To find your ruling planet you should know about your ruling sign. Your ruling planet can be judged as the dominant planet. There are 12 houses between the rising sign and the 12th house. The rising sign can also be called the ascendant.

If you see the diagram, the zodiac sign labeled on the edge will be your rising sign, the planet ruling it will be described as your ruling planet. The whole procedure is quite simple if you use the visual diagram of the chart.

What are the characteristics of each dominant planet?

The characteristics of each planet will be different. As a whole, all the planets give a positive influence. The most important ones are Sun, Jupiter, or Venus because some specific planets exhibit great levels of energy and these planets make a person live with more satisfaction. It is Pluto that owes a serious identity to the planet.

While the people with star mercury have exceptional personalities. The people with the moon and Neptune will always be more caring as compared to the other planets. By reading this answer, one can easily judge how the characteristics of the planets can influence actual people. So to find your dominant planet accurately you must take help from professional astrologers.