Harmonic Chart [Calculator & Interpretation]

How to use this calculator?

Using this Harmonic Chart calculator gives you the report based on the details you give it. Make sure you check out the astrology, soulmate compatibility finder, and 4th chart interpretation below the calculator.

  • These charts are derived from the main birth chart (natal chart) and divided into different sections, each representing a specific aspect of life.
  • To use the calculator, enter the full birth date, month, day, and year into the calculator.
  • Once the date has been entered, press the submit button.

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What is Harmonic Chart?

Harmonic charts, also referred to as Vargas or Divisional Charts, are a type of chart in astrology that is derived from the primary birth chart (Natal Chart) of Vedic astrology.

These charts are used to gain a deeper understanding of a person and to provide a more comprehensive analysis of certain aspects of their life. Each harmonic chart concentrates on a specific area of life and provides more information about that particular area. The Rasi, or D1, is the primary birth chart of Vedic Astrology, and it serves as a general representation of a person’s overall life, character, and potential.

Note: Harmonic charts, also known as divisional charts or Vargas. Are a series of specialized charts used in Vedic astrology to provide deeper insights into specific areas of a person’s life.

How does this Harmonic Chart work?

The Harmonic Chart or Varga (Divisional Chart) is a special type of chart used in Vedic astrology to gain insight into specific aspects of a person’s life. The Harmonic Chart works by breaking down the main birth chart of a person into different sections, each section representing a specific part of their life.

What is an age harmonic chart?

Age Harmonic charts, also referred to as Solar Return Harmonic charts, are astrological charts used to gain insight into the various stages or stages of a person’s life. The concept of an Age Harmonic Chart is based on the idea that major life events and themes are repeated in cycles, with each cycle corresponding to a specific age.