Profection Year Calculator

How to use this Profection Year Calculator?

Using this Profection Year Calculator gives you the report based on the details you provide. Make sure you check out the profections chart, 8th house, and 11th house interpretation below the calculator.

  • Profections are used in Greek and Roman astrology to study the themes and effects of each year of life based on the natal natal chart.
  • The Profection Year calculator calculates the “Profection Year” by moving your natal Ascendant from one zodiac signs to another for each year of your life.
  • Just add your date and sign and it will take care of the rest

Profection Year Calculator

Select your Ascendant sign and enter the birth date and current year to calculate the Profection Year's sign.

What is Profection Year Calculator?

In most cases, you will need to input your birth date before the Profection year calculator can determine your actual Profection year. Each Profection year corresponds to a zodiac sign and represents themes and experiences you may focus on during that particular year in your life.

How does this Profection Year Calculator work?

Profection Year themes are associated with the energy and subject matter of the corresponding Zodiac Sign. For example, if the Zodiac Sign is Aries, themes associated with Aries (e.g. personal growth, expression, and self-determination) may be more prominent in Profection Years. In addition to the Zodiac Sign, Profection Years are also governed by a specific Planet.

How do I calculate my profection year?

To find out your age, start by figuring out when you were born. You’ll need to know the date, time, and year. You’ll also need to know the calendar year you were born in. To figure out how old you are, subtract your birth year from your current year. So if your birthday was in 1990 and it’s 2024, you’d be 33 years old.

What are profection years in astrology?

To figure out your Profection Sign, start with the number of Profection Years that correspond to your zodiac sign. Then, add up the number of signs that go forward from your birth Ascendant’s zodiac sign. For instance, if your birth Ascendant is Aries and you have a Profection Year of 9, you’d add up the 9 signs that go-ahead from Aries to get to Capricorn.

How do you calculate a profection chart?

Calculate your Profection Year by dividing your age by 12 and then subtracting the remaining 12 years to get your age. Start by figuring out your date of birth, like what day you were born, what month you were born, and what year you were born. Make sure to note the current calendar year too. Then subtract your birth year from your current year to figure out your age.