D4 Chart Calculator (Chaturthamsa Chart)

How to use this D4 Chart Calculator?

Using this D4 Chart you can find exactly what you are looking for. This is a Free generator that gives you the report based on the details you give it. Make sure you check out the D4 Chart and interpretation, foreign settlement, and houses interpretation below the calculator.

  • The D4 Chart is an extension of the Natal Chart and is used to look at different aspects of life.
  • It focuses on things like land, property, and happiness.
  • To make complex astrology easier to understand, it’s a good idea to translate it into plain language so it can be understood by a wider audience without too much jargon.

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What is the D4 Chart?

Vedic astrology has a chart called D4 Chart which is one of its divisional charts or Vargas. This chart is used to understand things like property, land, and happiness. It can tell you if you’re likely to have land, property, or real estate and what kind and where it is.

It can also tell you if you have land ownership if there are any land disputes, and what kind of land or property you have. It can also show you if you’re happy and content with your life. It can even tell you what factors contribute to your overall happiness and peace.

How does this D4 Chart work?

D4 charts are used by astrologers to get a better understanding of a person’s life. To create one, you need to know their birth date, when they were born, and where they were born, just like you would for a main birth chart. Divided zodiacs are divided into 4 equal parts, called chaturthams, and planetary positions are calculated with a calculator or software based on their birth data.

How do you predict a D4 chart?

The D4 Chart, also referred to as Chaturttamsa, is composed of a 30° house divided into 4 parts at 7°30’ and the corresponding planets are assigned to them according to their respective degrees. The planets falling within the first chaturamsha range (0-7°30’) will be assigned to the same sign.

What is the ascendant of the D4 chart?

Virgo is the ascendant of the chart D-4, which is known as Virgottama. It is associated with its master, Mercury, in its Ascendant and High Altitude. The Moon, the Lord of the 11th, is also associated with Mercury.

Is Vedic astrology more accurate?

This is distinct from the traditional Western zodiac, which is based on the traditional tropical reading. Vedic, on the other hand, takes account of the shifting patterns and the entire universe rather than the Earthbound position, which arguably renders it more precise and precise.

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