Lil Peep Birth Chart 

SUN IN Sagittarius


  • Name: Lil Peep
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthname: Gustav Åhr
  • born on: 1 November 1996 at 09:00 (= 09:00 AM )
  • Place: Allentown, Pennsylvania, 40n37, 75w29
  • Timezone: EST h5w (is standard time)


Johan Elijah Ahr, better recognized by his stage moniker Lil Peep, was indeed an American musician, lyricist, and composer. His first professional record was “Coming Over Whenever You’re Drunk.” As a prominent musician, he helped pioneer the “post-emo resurgence” movement in music and rap.

He comes from a family of “Harvard University” grads. The breakup, which occurred while Lil Peep was an adolescent, had a significant effect on his mental health. In October of 2017, he died of a heroin overdose. To know more about Lil peep ascendant follow the article.


Sun in 21° 23’ Sagittarius Uranus in 4° 38’ Capricorn
Moon in 1° 29’ Cancer Neptune in 11° 19’ Capricorn
Mercury in 8𝆩 38’ Capricorn Pluto in 16° 29’ Scorpio
Venus in 1° 50’ Aquarius North Node in 19° 26’ Aquarius(r)
Mars in 26° 41’ Scorpio Chiron in 15° 3’ Cancer(r)
Jupiter in 7° 41’ Cancer Ascendant in 25° 33’ Scorpio
Saturn in 13 °26’ Capricorn MC in 8° 46’ Virgo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Speaking to the Virgo Prince, Lil peep, who is a Virgo himself,  He is incredibly modest, caring, and very optimistic and highly attached to people and his spirit.” And the omens confirm that he is as honest and trustworthy as he does seem. Indeed, Lil peep’s unique sun in Capricorn and Mercury and Jupiter in Aries indicates a kind and compassionate person.

This is reflected in the musician’s interpersonal connections, wherein he frequently plays the nurturing position. He desires to establish a household. Lil has x’s zodiac sign is what makes his natal chart even more interesting.

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Meaning of Lil peep natal chart

He is counted among those with the rarest birth chart. People who have the creative planet Mars in the sign of Virgo tend to be the case. They have a keen eye for precision and won’t rest unless everything is perfect. They are very motivated to complete a job but may take a long time doing so if they desire it to be perfect just like Lil peep and his effort in making the album the best.

The ability to multitask is a strong suit for those whose Mars is in Virgo. It may take quite a long time to get anything done, but when they do, it’s usually done correctly. Lil peep’s birth direction and movement of the planet are prevalent with all those hard-working personalities.

Is Lil peep’s ascending the same as rising?

Your Star Sun sometimes referred to as one’s Apex reveals information about your interpersonal nature. It has to do with where you present yourself to other people about the astrological symbol that has been positioned on the Eastern skyline at the time of your birth. Hence Lil peep’s ascendant may not be the same as per the data available. Try Miley Cyrus Birth Chart.

What is Lil peep moon sign?

The moon sign of Lil Peep is among the most crucial aspects of his astronomical biography. This is because it is determined based on the location of his moon at the moment he was born but also reveals aspects of his interior emotional life.

What type of personality is Lil Peep?

The ISFP temperament trait best describes the Lil Peep – Beamer Baby character. Lil Peep’s real name is Gustave Ahr, and he was conceived in Miami. He relocated to Staten Beach when he was very small. He began composing songs at the age of only five yrs old and adopted the moniker Lil Peep when he was 17  years old. It also tells about Lil peeps favorite number and Lil peep positive quotes as well. Check out Jackie Chan Birth Chart.


1st House starts at 25° Scorpio

(containing Sun and Mars)

8th House at 26° Gemini

(containing moon, Jupiter  and Chiron)

2nd House starts at 26° Sagittarius

(containing mercury, venus,Saturn,Uranus, and Neptune)

9th House starts at 2° Leo
3rd House at 2° Aquarius

(containing north node)

10th House starts at 8° Virgo
4th House at 8° Pisces 11th House starts at 10° Libra
5th House at 10° Aries 12th House starts at 5° Scorpio
6th House starts at 5° Taurus
7th House at 25° Taurus

Lil Peep Birthchart Reading: IT’S BEAUTIFUL 🌙🌌