Mac Miller Birth Chart

SUN IN Capricorn


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 19 January 1992 – 08:46h
  • Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Country: United States
  • Age: 26 years


Rapper MAC Miller was a well-known artist in the United States. While still in school he developed an interest in hip-hop and self-taught himself how to play several instruments. When he was a teenager, his aspirations included music. Mac Miller decided to focus on hip-hop when he was fifteen. At the Pittsburg, Hip Hop Festival in 2011 Mac Miller won two medals.


Sun in 28° 21′ Capricorn Uranus in 14° 45′ Capricorn
Moon in 18° 34′ Cancer Neptune in 16° 54′ Capricorn
Mercury in 13° 19′ Capricorn Pluto in 22° 33′ Scorpio
Venus in 22° 32′ Sagittarius North Node in 8° 50′ Capricorn(r)
Mars in 7° 17′ Capricorn Chiron in 7° 5′ Leo(r)
Jupiter in 14° 1′ Virgo(r) Ascendant in 18° 9′ Libra
Saturn in 7° 57′ Aquarius MC in 21° 8′ Cancer
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Mac Miller belongs to the Earth element of astrology because he was a Capricorn. Mac Miller’s Capricorn zodiac sign indicates the capability to grow under challenging conditions. Mac Miller was the ENFP personality type. He was the type of man you can count on to fulfill your word since he was trustworthy and honest.

Traditional ENFPs usually assume that other people will act in the same way. He appreciated accuracy so he was drawn to all types of technologies. Mac Miller liked his family and was committed to them. ENFPs are capable of paying attention for longer periods. Naturally, Mac Miller kept an eye out and considered all the information before making a choice.

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Meaning of Mac Miller Birth Chart

Mac Miller’s astrological chart consisted of Dragons Head plus five more planets including six planets in Capricorn. According to Mac Miller’s birth chart on Reddit, he was born with the Moon in Cancer opposing the Cancerian Tails of the Dragon. The third house was in charge of thought. He became a Pisces because he was born in January.

Dreaming, entertainment, narcotics, and alcohol were all ruled by Pisces. Jupiter was also in charge of the profession-related tenth sector. Mars had the seventh and eighth houses under his control. Saturn was in the final point of the air sign Aquarius and situated in the twelfth house. Sun was well-positioned to support his musical achievement.

Which Enneagram type was Mac Miller?

Mac Miller was an Enneagram Eight personality type with Ten wings. Eights on the Enneagram along with Two and Ones are members of the heart center and usually base their decisions on emotions. Mac Miller enjoyed having a sense of control, especially over his physical surroundings.

The Enneagram Eight values independence and freedom. Mac Miller was a friendly, welcoming, and cooperative Enneagram Eight. He put a lot of attention on preserving harmony in his surroundings. The Enneagram Eight is recognized for its adaptability and is sometimes referred to be laid-back, pleasant, and reliable.

Was Mac Miller Mercury in Capricorn?

Because Mercury was in Capricorn, he was able to be focused, logical, precise, calculated, and collected. In addition to being very skilled with specifics, he never lost sight of the big picture. He was remarkably wise when it came to choosing a course of action. He placed his trust in logic and the orderly progression of ideas. He was constantly aspiring. He always had a secret goal he was working towards.

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What was the reason Mac Miller died?

According to Mac Miller’s death astrology, he died at a very young age of 26. Miller was located dead on Sept 7, 2018, at his Los Angeles residence. According to the Los Angeles County prosecutor, Mac Miller, a well-known rapper, and producer, died at age 26 after unintentionally overdosing on heroin, cocaine, and wine. Miller’s later music, sadly, exposed his deeper battle with addiction and sadness.


1st House starts at 18° Libra 7th House starts at 18° Aries
2nd House starts at 15° Scorpio

(Containing Pluto)

8th House starts at 15° Taurus
3rd House starts at 16° Sagittarius (Containing Mercury, Venus, and Mars) 9th House starts at16° Gemini (Containing Moon)
4th House starts at 21° Capricorn

(Containing Sun and Saturn)

10th House starts at 21° Cancer

(Containing Chiron)

5th House starts at 24° Aquarius 11th House starts at 24° Leo   (Containing Jupiter)
6th House starts at 23° Pisces 12th House starts at 23° Virgo

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