Miley Cyrus Birth Chart 

Sun in Sagittarius


Miley Cyrus, an American singer and talented performer, was born on November 23, 1992.

Her birth chart, featuring her ascendant sign and birthday zodiac sign, has been used to help explain her personality traits and the potential influence of her relationship with Liam Hemsworth through his birth natal chart.

You may not be aware of this, but her birth chart may reveal a lot about her.

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  • Birth Location: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Date & Time: 23 November 1992 at 16:19
  • Birth Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus
  • Gender: Female


Sun in 1° 53’Sagittarius Uranus in 15° 35’Capricorn
Moon in 26° 12’Scorpio Neptune in 17° 3’Capricorn
Mercury in 27° 12’Scorpio(r) Pluto in 23° 13’Scorpio
Venus in 12° 27’Capricorn North Node in 22° 26’Sagittarius(r)
Mars in 27° 27’Cancer Chiron in 23° 26’Leo
Jupiter in 8° 34’Libra Ascendant in 28° 22’Taurus
Saturn in 13° 4’Aquarius MC in 8° 35’Aquarius
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

We all know the name Miley Cyrus and her wild, outspoken nature. Through Miley Cyrus Birth Chart Analysis, we can gain insight into how Miley’s time of birth has shaped her personality. By examining the planets, houses, and signs in her birth chart, we can gain a better understanding of the kind of person Miley is and the kind of life she leads.

Meaning of Miley Cyrus Birth Chart:

Miley Cyrus’ birth chart reveals a lot about her personality. Her ascendant sign is Virgo, which explains her analytical and detail-oriented nature. Her birthday zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which is associated with optimism, adventure, and enthusiasm. Her birth natal chart also reveals the connection between her and Liam Hemsworth, as they both share similar personality traits.

By analyzing Miley Cyrus‘ birth chart, we can gain insight into her unique character and understand why she has become such an icon. For example, her ascendant sign in Virgo gives her great attention to detail and makes her meticulous in everything that she does. This allows her to channel her creativity in a precise way to create artistic works that are loved by many.

Is Miley Cyrus a rising Taurus?

The “iconic” Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Taurus Rising sign of Cyrus, 29, is responsible for her “wild and free” demeanor. Her sun exudes “adventurous, unpredictable Sagittarian energy.” Yet, Kelly points out that the remainder of her chart is very somber.

What is a slow Taurus rising?

With a Taurus rising, you run the danger of being stingy, lazy, and set in your ways. If you cut yourself off from new experiences, you can overlook new possibilities. Avoid positions that give excess stability since you won’t get the difficulties you need to succeed in them.

What is the Taurus’s purpose in life’s purpose?

Building a firm foundation for oneself and others around them is the Taurus life’s work. You have to possess a strong vision of what you represent to use your forceful, resolute power.

Who is Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend?

They reunited and rekindled their engagement in early 2016 after a few years apart. Then, Cyrus and Hemsworth got hitched in December 2018, separated in August 2019, and then divorced in February 2020, respectively.


House starts at 28° Taurus
House starts at 28° Scorpio
House starts at 23° Gemini House starts at 23 degrees Sagittarius
The house starts at 15 degrees Cancer House starts at 15 degrees Capricorn
House starts at 8 degrees Leo House starts at 8 degrees Aquarius
House starts at 7 degrees Virgo House starts at 7 degrees Pisces
House starts at 15 degrees Libra House starts at 15 degrees  Leo