Harry Styles Natal Chart 

SUN IN Aquarius

Harry Styles Natal Chart 

The prevalence of water symbols in Harry Styles’s chart suggests that he has a strong sensitivities level and that he gains altitude via his emotions. Your instincts and your soul are the things that drive you, and there is nothing you can have on this planet if you do not experience a powerful emotional surge.


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 1 February 1994 – 00:06h
  • Birthplace: Holmes Chapel, England
  • Country: GB, United Kingdom
  • Age: 28 years


Harry  Styles is an American pop musician and performer who was born on Feb 1, 1994. His first performance as a vocalist was with the pop group White Arctic, which gave a few regional shows in Sherlock Chapel, which is located in Lancashire, Britain.

In 2011, Styles participated in an interview for the music competition The X Factor, which is broadcast in the United Kingdom.

Their first song, “What Does You Gorgeous,” reached the top one on UK Songs Billboard. Since then, it has moved on to sell more than 5 million downloads throughout the globe, placing it in the ranks of some of the most successful recordings of all eras.


Sun in 0° 23’Cancer Jupiter 16° 30’Aquarius(r)
Moon in 10° 33’Leo Saturn in 22° 21′ Scorpio(r)
Mercury 16° 23’Cancer Uranus 15° 22’Sagittarius(r)
Venus 14° 55’Taurus Neptune 2° 17’Capricorn(r)
Mars 8° 14’Cancer Plutoin2° 2′ Scorpio(r)
North Node in 16° 2’Taurus(r) Chiron in 10° 34′ Gemini
Ascendant 15° 27′ Scorpio MCin25° 27’Leo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

The Mars sign and Because of his Aquarius nature, he tends to have a fairly flexible mindset, at least up to the point when he develops a very distinct view of the environment and decides to stick with it.

It may be difficult to convince him to change his viewpoint since he has a tendency to be adamant about his beliefs and insists on having his individual feeling about leadership acknowledged and acknowledged. Nonetheless, even though this does not necessarily imply that he is authoritarian, it does demonstrate that he enjoys having his way.

Independence to breathe and act whatever he pleases is something that matters much to him. A very well explanation of Harry Styles’s rising sign. Last but not least, take into account the fact that our moon is in Libra, which indicates that he possesses a passionate aspect of himself and that he places a strong emphasis on relationships.

He finds the greatest satisfaction in his career and in his relationships with different people, which benefits him in both his social relationships and his romantic life.

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Meaning of Harry Styles’s birth chart

Harry Styles, here’s to better connectivity and movement throughout the world! Your astrological chart encourages and magnifies your preference for relationships as well as all other sorts of brief journeys, regardless of when they are genuine or imagined. What you give up in self-assuredness or practicality, you make up for in your capacity to be flexible and adaptable. The natal chart also shows the Harry Styles birth chart compatibility.

Because you have to appreciate something in need to understand it and feel something in having to do something about it, this creates a particular susceptibility that you ought to work to protect yourself from. Your horoscope indicates that you might be lacking in passion, excitement, a heart of conquest, or vitality since the attributes associated with fire are underrepresented in your horoscope, accounting for just 6.78% as opposed to the median of 25%.

What do we know about Harry Style Libra rising?

Whenever you originally encounter somebody, you most likely identify their rising symbol as the first thing about them that you notice. Styles was born under the constellation of Libra, and his rising symbol is also in Libra; as a result, he is concerned with communicating his aesthetics, which is evident in the way he dresses.

According to Blooms, “Libra is the ruler of fashionable, elegance, and aesthetics, which precisely matches with Harry’s endeavors into the clothing industry and his emergence as a high apparel superstar.” “It would create perfect logic for GQ to name Harry the greatest fashionable guy of 2020 when they make their announcement.

It is common knowledge that people born under the sign of Libra are courteous, deferential, and respected by a large number of people; hence, Harry’s character as seeming kind and endearing is consistent with this stereotype.” Being a fashion star brings a great deal of Libra’s natural vigor. Hence this also shows its compatibility with the Harry Styles zodiac sign.

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What is Harry Styles’ birth chart?

Styles seem to have an Aquarian stellium, which means that four or even multiple stars are located in the symbol of Pisces. This implies that Styles has a very high concentration of Aquarius characteristics, since all three of his planets, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter, are Aquarian.

Is Harry Styles an Aquarius?

On February 1, 1994, Harry Styles entered the world. So, he has a Scorpio Moon and a Capricorn Sun, making him a bit of an oddball.

What personality type is Harry Styles?

The singer and songwriter Harry Styles is an ENFJ. Whenever he thinks concerning anyone, he strives to do anything he can to assist them out.

What is Harry’s planet’s relation with the Signs?

Its conversation approach, how you interact with others, and what way you convey oneself via literature or other means of interaction are all represented by your Mercury sign. This is represented openly in several of Styles’ crazier or more cryptic lyrics, such as the line “Whenever she’s lonesome she heads straight to a desert,” which can be found in his album “Kiwi.”

Styles’ Mercury is located in Aquarius. Aquarians generally are all into fairness, given that his mantra is to be nice to other people, and Aquarians tend to be very egalitarian. According to Flowers, “anything Aquarian forces us to go beyond the conventional and the restrictive framework of preconceptions,” along with the placements of Harry Styles’s zodiac sign.

What is the meaning of Harry’s sun harmonizing with the moon?

Creativity seems natural to you, and you experience the greatest level of accomplishment in achieving your goals whenever the people you value deeply are present to cheer you on. You are capable of striking the ideal equilibrium between being independent and having meaningful connections with other people.

Your hormonal responses are now in harmony thanks to the work you did in prior lifetimes to gain control over them. If you have excellent luck, you will attract positive success in all areas of your relationship, including your position, your family life, your friendships, your regard, your well-being, and your financial possessions.

If you are genuinely competent and creative, you may climb to the pinnacle of the field by earning the esteem and attention of powerful people who would help you along one’s path,


House starts at 12 degrees Libra House starts at 25 degrees Sagittarius
House starts at 23 degrees Leo House starts at 13 degrees  Pisces
House starts at 09 degrees Taurus House starts at 56 degrees Gemini
House starts at 16 degrees  Aries House starts at 12 degrees Virgo
House starts at 19 degrees Scorpio House starts at 36 degrees  Taurus
House starts at 22 degrees Aquarius House starts at 45 degrees  Leo

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Harry Styles

It’s possible that other people get the impression that you’re apathetic, have no pleasure in life, and aren’t capable of taking initiative. In point of fact, this is not the case; yet, you must cut loose, make an effort to be more courageous, and demonstrate both your sense of wonder and your energy.

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