Ariana Grande Birth Chart


Ariana Grande Birth Chart


  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 26 June 1993 – 21:16h
  • Birthplace: Boca Raton, Florida
  • Country: US, United States
  • Age: 29 years
  • Occupation: actress, singer, model


Ariana grande is a popular singer born on 6 June 1993, in Florida. A Theatrical veteran, this American performer made her screen debut in 2010 as Cat Cupid on Nickelodeon’s Hilarious. In 2014, after just a full season, the program was canceled and Grande moved on to appear in the short-lived spinoff Samantha & Cat.

Several musical and adolescent publications have chosen to include Grande on their covers. Lyrics from Triumph was the first release of Grande’s singing journey (2011).

Following an endorsement deal with Universal Recordings, she published her first professional album, titled Yours Truly (2013), where it peaked at position one on the US Forbes 200. Album opener “The Method ” reached the highest level 10 on the Itunes Charts 100.


Sun in 0° 23’Cancer Jupiter 16° 30’Aquarius(r)
Moon in 10° 33’Leo Saturn in 22° 21′ Scorpio(r)
Mercury 16° 23’Cancer Uranus 15° 22’Sagittarius(r)
Venus 14° 55’Taurus Neptune 2° 17’Capricorn(r)
Mars 8° 14’Cancer Plutoin2° 2′ Scorpio(r)
North Node in 16° 2’Taurus(r) Chiron in 10° 34′ Gemini
Ascendant 15° 27′ Scorpio MCin25° 27’Leo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Your sun symbol is the one that interprets your personality. The singer Ariana is grounded, flexible, and well-organized since Virgo is her sun symbol. Petals tell POPSUGAR that Ariana, whose sun sign is in Virgo, is “somebody who invests a lot of thoughtfulness, delicacy, and research” into whatever she accomplishes and can do. Ariana’s acting profession is a good example of Virgo’s ruled attributes, research, judgment, and criticism.

Ariana told National Fair that the one trait she really cannot stand in other people is ambition. She is probably opposing people who embrace materialism since Virgos are considered the people of the zodiac. Further, being malleable earth indications, they are flexible and open to transformation.

Then, there are also a plethora of astronomical interactions between Cancerian and Capricorn. Her mental and verbal interaction with planet Mercury is in conjunction with her mystical Neptune. Her Mercury, the intellect, and Neptune the imaginative, inventiveness, and religion are immediately opposed and connected to Jupiter the planetary of luck.

All of her abilities are backed by good serendipity and a sprinkle of charm. These abilities grow rapidly with Jupiter’s help. This tells about the birth chart verdict.

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Meaning of Ariana’s birth chart 

The meaning of Ariana’s natal chart revolves around her Zodiac sign and its astrological effects,  Hearing Ariana’s more reflective duets like “White Pony” and “All Very Well,” you may be able to deduce that her moon symbol is Cancer. Based on her moon symbol, Cancer, “she possesses a highly sympathetic nature and absorbs everything seriously,”.

Cancers have a strong emotional awareness. As a sign controlled by the moon, Cancers are natural primary caregivers who experience profound pain when they are let down. Thomas praised her “excellent degree of perception and sensitivity” and “strong investment in her interactions.”

“She has a very protective and maternal element to her, and it requires her a long time to let go.” She is always conscious of when to best make use of her good fortune by drawing on the resources of her mind and soul.

How does Ariana Grande’s birth chart ‘fabulous’ incarnate?

To begin, her Sun is in exact conjunction with Uranus, which imbues her with an amazing amount of eccentricity and a concentration on independence, making her willing to reject trends in favor of being creative. This provides her with a great capacity to reconstruct herself and discover the power of will to improve her existence, but it also offers her the potential to be irresponsible and erratic at times.

Her Moon also forms a connection with Uranus, but this time it’s a triangle. This encourages her to be innovative, imaginative, and independent even more so than before. It also gives a supernatural aspect to her interior world, which enables her to accept exceptional degrees of imagination and crafts. Her Luna trines Pluto, which brings this characteristic to her internal existence.

This may also cause her to experience a feeling of deception and misconception as she goes through existence, but fortunately, since her Moon is in Virgo, she can discover a feeling of foundation inside herself whenever she makes an effort to do so. This tells a lot about her along with the birth chart Astro seeks.

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About Ariana Grande’s Natal chart?

This implies she has a Leo Sun, a Virgo Moon, and a Sagittarius Descend.

Is Ariana a Capricorn rising?

Pop star Ariana Grande has a Leo Sun and a Capricorn Ascendant. Throughout 2014, she always had eclipsed in given Symbol, and each season, they started to fall on her Descend as well, signaling a period of karma and profound change throughout her lifetime.

How Zendaya is a libra moon?

Ariana Grande has been a lovely Leo with a Virgo moon since she was born in Miami on November 26, 1992. At 14, the American vocalist and performer made her theatrical debut, which led to the position as Cat Cupid on the HBO sitcom Hilarious.

What zodiac is Cat Valentine?

What is Cat Valentine’s horoscope symbol? As an Aquarius, Cat Valentine shares the component of the Ocean with Aries and Scorpio.

How is Ariana’s planet interacting with her birth chart?

As a last point of interest, it is important to note that Jupiter is involved in a significant number of connections inside her natal chart. It creates a connection with dreamlike Pisces, which bestows upon her a fascinating inventive brilliance, as much as a connection with Uranus, which brings her into contact with those who are distinct and quirky.

This also sets off an internal conflict inside her where she can’t decide if she wants whole dedication in her connections or slavish attention. This also explains the Ariana Grande birth chart houses. Last but not least, Venus is in opposition to Pluto, which indicates that she commonly encounters quick affinity and highly passionate romantic connections.

On the other hand, they often degenerate into authority battles or become consumed by envy and deception. She may have only seen it once, but it is most likely that she has seen it more than once. This is something she should indeed be capable of handling better as she gets older.

What About Ariana’s Sun sign and Ascendant?

The zodiac sign of Libra encompasses both Ariana Grande’s sun symbol and descendant. This indicates that Libran’s vitality permeates her body to a very considerable degree. This is the Ocean symbol, and it is connected to her natural temperament and mentality, in addition to the manner that she portrays herself to the outside community.

This indicates that she is a highly sociable person who sometimes gets immersed in her connections, whether they are based on affection, cooperation, friendship, or anything else. She has a natural talent that enables her to reflect on the experiences of people and form connections with a wide variety of people. This is the descendancy effect of the Ariana grande birth chart allfamous.


1st House starts at 15° Scorpio

(Containing Saturn)

7th House starts at 15° Taurus

(Containing North Node and Chiron)

2nd House starts at 15° Sagittarius

(Containing Uranus and Neptune)

8th House starts at 15° Gemini

(Containing Sun, Mercury, and Mars)

3rd House starts at 19° Capricorn

(Containing Jupiter)

9th House starts at 19° Cancer

(Containing Moon)

4th House starts at 25° Aquarius 10th House starts at 25° Leo
5th House starts at 27° Pisces 11th House starts at 27° Virgo
6th House starts at 24° Aries

(Containing Venus)

12th House starts at 24° Libra

(Containing Pluto

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Ariana Grande

Finally, Ariana’s birth Jupiter (fortune) is in harmony with her lunar node, emotions, and soul). The result is an upbeat disposition that has helped her win over a legion of fans and catapulted her to stardom. Because of her genuine personality and attractiveness, Ariana Grande has won over the hearts of many. Meaning of Ariana Grande’s birth chart according to Reddit.

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