Sidereal Transit Chart [Calculator & Interpretation]

How to use this Sidereal Transit Chart?

Using this Sidereal Transit Chart calculator gives you the report based on the details you give it. Make sure you check out the solar return and birth chart interpretation below the calculator.

  • Choose Date and Time: Enter the date and time you want to view the transits on your Sidereal
  • Enter your date and birth information here.
  • The Sidereal Transit Chart is calculated and generated by pressing the submit button.

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What is the Sidereal Transit Chart?

Sidereal Transit Charts, also referred to as Transit Charts or Transit Reports, are astrological instruments used to analyze a person’s current planetary position on their natal chart. These charts provide insight into the potential impact of current planetary transits on a person’s life, as well as the relationship between these energies and the energies present when a person was born.

In the astrological world, transits are the movements of planets as they form aspects of the planets in a person’s natal chart, which is a representation of the position of celestial bodies at a person’s birth. This chart serves as a unique map of a person’s personality and life tendencies.

How does this Sidereal Transit Chart work?

Type your birth date, and time, and place it into the sidereal transit chart. Then pick the date you want to view the transits. The chart will calculate the planetary positions based on your birth info and the date. Compare the positions of the transiting planets in the sidereal zodiac chart to the positions in the natal chart.