D10 Chart Calculator [Dasamsa Chart]

How to use this Calculator?

This is a D10 Chart Calculator that gives you the report based on the details you give it. Make sure you check out the D10 Chart at the end, chart analysis, ascendant, and prediction interpretation below the calculator.

  • To use the calculator, enter the full birth date, month, day, and year into the calculator.
  • Once the date has been entered, press the submit button.
  • The calculator will then show you the chart and all the birth details

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What is D10 Chart?

The D10 chart calculator makes a chart using your birth details and Vedic astrology. It divides the chart into 10 parts, each representing a different part of your life and career. It’s based on your main birth chart, called the Natal Chart or D1 chart.

This chart indicates your chances of success in the career path or profession you have chosen. Professional Growth: This chart provides insights into your professional growth and your chances of promotion or advancement.

How does this Dasamsa Chart Calculator work?

The D10 Chart Calculator requires the user to provide their birth details, such as Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth, to calculate their D10 chart, which is also known as Dasamsa. Upon completion of the calculations, the calculator will generate the desired D10 chart.

Which planet is important in the D10 chart?

The D10 chart, also known as Dasamsa, shows important planets that can affect a person’s job and professional life. Some planets have a bigger impact because they represent career, wealth, and social status.

Which chart to see for marriage?

Astrology has different charts to help understand marriage. The natal chart shows a person’s qualities and potential for relationships based on their birth date, time, and place.

The Navamsa chart, used in Vedic astrology, looks at the 7th house, Venus, and the Moon to understand marital life. Compatibility is checked with the synastry chart, and the composite chart looks at the relationship dynamics. Progressed charts can help with timing. Astrology can guide, but personal choices are important for marriage.