Zendaya Birth Chart


Zendaya birth chart


  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1 September 1996
  • Birthplace: Oakland, California
  • Country: US, United States
  • Age: 26 years
  • Occupation: singer, actress, model, dancer


Zendaya Maree Stoermer Johnson is a Canadian performer and musician. Zendaya started her career when she was a youngster modeling and performing as a background performer. She was born and educated in Berkeley, Calif. Law & Order:

Special Investigations Division is his favorite TV program, and she is a strict vegan. She wanted Michael Jackson to be the “Dining with the Stars” companion, but since he couldn’t make it, she’d settle with Roshon Fegan instead.

In 2013, Zendaya published her first book, Among both U and Me: How to Conquer Your Teenage Years with Fashion and Courage, making her one of a growing number of adolescent writers.


Sun in 22° 55’Gemini Jupiter in 17° 27’Libra(r)
Moon in 21° 12’Sagittarius Saturn in 23° 48’Cancer
Mercury in 8° 51’Cancer Uranus in 17° 53’Gemini
Venus in 25° 44’Cancer Neptune in 5° 50’Libra(r)
Marsin26° 46’Leo Pluto in10° 2’Leo
North Nodein20° 45’Gemini(r) Chiron in 14° 54’Libra
Ascendant in 29° 56’Leo MCin24° 19’Taurus
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

You might conceive of the symbols as distinct shades of awareness that the planets screen, and you can consider the planets as representing basic aspects of an person’s psyche. Zendaya’s Sun symbol and Descend are Libra. This indicates that Libran’s power permeates her body to a very considerable degree. That is an Air symbol, and it is connected to her natural psyche and character, in addition to the manner that she portrays herself to the outside community.

This indicates that she is a highly sociable person who invariably gets immersed in her interactions, whether they are based on affection, cooperation, camaraderie, or anything else. She has a natural talent that enables her to reflect on the experiences of people and form connections with a wide variety of people. Because Venus is their ruling planet, people with Libra Suns and Libra Guardians are naturally attracted to things that are harmonious and beautiful.

She has the exquisite quality and longs for artistry, romanticism, opulence, happiness, and excitement in her life. The energies of Libra are therefore very naturally concentrated on maintaining equilibrium and considering things from every conceivable angle.

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Meaning of the Zendaya birth chart

The zendaya zodiac birth chart refers to the awareness that the energies associated with earth and air predominate in the majority of her natal horoscope. She possesses a rooted assurance, which is one of the reasons why she is so attractive to a demographic that looks comfortable in their own body and values genuineness.

Her attraction is widespread at this age. Her solar sign, Gemini, is controlled by Hermes, the star of connection; other planets in her zodiac include Uranus, the planetary of brilliance, and Saturn, the planetary of persistence.

Her horoscope is dominated overall by planetary Saturn. She is a perfectionist who is very scientific and intellectual and she understands how to obtain whatever she desires by portraying herself as sensible and trustworthy.

What do we know about Zendaya’s birth chart?

It’s all in Zendaya’s horoscope: she’s a total chillax. On September 1, 1996, Zendaya entered our world. She has a Libra sun and a Taurus moon. Her internet birth certificate states that she is a blooming Aquarius.

What is the Rising sign for Zendaya?

It’s hardly a coincidence that Zendaya’s rising symbol is Aquarius, the compassionate water bearer. This suggests that she is a staunch advocate of individual rights and civil liberties.

What’s so different about Zendaya’s Virgo sun?

The actress Zendaya is grounded, flexible, and well-organized since Virgo is her sun symbol. The Virgo sun sign makes Zendaya a thoughtful, careful, and analytical person.

What are Zendaya’s planets?

Mercury is known as the sign of Libra for Zendaya. This indicates that a woman prefers to possess a pretty upbeat optimistic approach, as much as a significant need for human engagement, whenever it relates to her effective interaction. She has a good sense of judgment because she can examine a problem from a variety of perspectives and could then interact with different people in a manner that is level-headed, respectful, and intellectually stimulating.

Whenever it concerns choosing choices on their initiative, she might have trouble and engage in conduct that demonstrates indecision, despite her desire to project an image of equilibrium and fairness.

Stress, aggressiveness, and confrontation that are aimed at her on an individual dimension would force her to withdraw her participation in the situation and give up. Zendaya’s chart is known to be the most beautiful natal chart.

What do we know about Zendaya’s moon sign?

The Moon is in the Virgo phase for Zendaya. The Moon symbol reflects our innermost feelings and is connected to our psychological lives on the inside. This provides evidence that, on the inside, she possesses a disposition that is highly diligent, well organized, and sensible.

She may be judgmental or picky about herself and others because she strives for perfectionism, which is a result of the fact that she is compulsive at her core. She attempts to intellectualize her feelings in an attempt to shield herself from feelings of uncertainty, and she persistently pursues cognitive supremacy.

On the other hand, even though it could take her a long time to completely embrace anyone, once she does so, she is capable of an incredible amount of generosity and cares toward that person. Zendaya’s birth chart all famous is famous for being compatible with the moon sign.

How do Zendaya’s charm and magnetism bring her appeal and power?

Whether it’s via her disarmingly genuine, down-to-earth sincerity or whenever she transforms into her queen image, Zendaya has an innate capacity to fascinate audiences. The reality that she is capable of doing everything offers her considerably a bit of variety, which is particularly encouraging for the sorts of parts that she would be capable of playing with ease because of her ability to multitask.

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most significant aspects of her natal chart, and she has a natural talent for moving others emotionally. This speaks well for her success in the entertainment industry, particularly in the fields of songs and movies.

Her sun’s trine to Jupiter suggests she will be an upbeat, confident person with a keen eye for the larger view. Due to the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Cancer, she exudes charm and beauty, however, she may not immediately reveal her full sensitivities right once. Intimacy is something she reserves for those who attempt to get to appreciate her first. Zendaya Coleman’s birth chart varies via using her father’s name.


1st House starts at 29°Leo 7th House starts at 29° Aquarius
2nd House starts at 22° Virgo

(Containing Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron)

8th House starts at 22° Pisces
3rd House starts at 21° Libra 9th House starts at 21°Aries
4th House starts at 24° Scorpio

(Containing Moon)

10th House starts at 24° Taurus

(Containing Sun, Uranus, and North Node)

5th House starts at 29° Sagittarius 11th House starts at 29° Gemini

(Containing Mercury, Venus, and Saturn)

6th House starts at 1° Aquarius 12th House starts at 1° Leo

(Containing Mars and Pluto)

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Zendaya

She is tactical and understands when to attack and whether to embrace quiet, which enables her to follow the route of low effort while appealing to her capabilities.  She can do both of these things simultaneously. She follows a routine, which is one of the qualities that I like most regarding her. Hence this shows the general meaning of Zendaya’s birth chart.

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