Billie Eilish Birth Chart



  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 18 December 2001 – 11:30h
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
  • Country: United States
  • Age: 20 years


Billie Eilish is an American singer and musician. She belongs to a musical family. She started to compose and perform her music at a very young age. Her brother who was also a talented singer gave her a great deal of confidence.

Her brother was incredibly supportive in all aspects of music. She formed her pop group and wrote the song Ocean Eyes.

Billie Eilish sang the song and published it online. This proved to be her first significant accomplishment.


Sun in 26° 58′ Sagittarius Uranus in 21° 53′ Aquarius
Moon in 12° 53′ Aquarius Neptune in 7° 0′ Aquarius
Mercury in 4° 45′ Capricorn Pluto in 15° 32′ Sagittarius
Venus in 20° 35′ Sagittarius North Node in 27° 3′ Gemini(r)
Mars in 7° 14′ Pisces Chiron in 0° 44′ Capricorn
Jupiter in 12° 24′ Cancer(r) Ascendant in 28° 50′ Pisces
Saturn in 10° 15′ Gemini(r) MC in 29° 18′ Sagittarius
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

The zodiac sign of Billie Eilish is Sagittarius, like Aries and Leo, which is a member of the Flame aspect of astrology. The archer with his bow raised in the sky as the Sagittarius sign symbolizes independence and emancipation. As a Sagittarius, Billie is hospitable and helpful to people who want assistance.

People are drawn to her in part because they feel that she is truly compassionate. Sagittarius zodiac sign people willingly provide what they can, whether it’s dating advice or assistance with a task at work.ISFP is Billie Eilish’s character style. After reading Billie Eilish’s birth chart she has a strong urge to present herself and is emotional by temperament which she achieves via her music.

She cares deeply about morality and holds high moral standards as an ISFP. Billie is artistic and unique rather than wasting time preparing. She would like to attempt everything new and learns as she proceeds.

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Meaning of the Billie Eilish birth chart

The Sagittarius musician Billie Eilish’s birth time is a representation of all the heavenly components in the sky. The sun is in Sagittarius according to the natal chart. This characterizes Billie as inquisitive and impartial. She is described as being enthused, passionate, and kind.

According to Billie Eilish’s birth chart rising sign is Sagittarius because she was created not simply to achieve this level of popularity but also to alter global understanding. Her destiny is to spread this new philosophy throughout the planet.

Moreover, she emphasized that by breaking down barriers throughout what is anticipated to be a very lengthy career, she will alter how society views celebrities. According to Billie Eilish’s birth chart vedic, she resembles a bold, extremely powerful innovative powerhouse.

Is the Sun in Sagittarius for Billie Eilish?

Billie has the solar sign of Sagittarius, which is characterized by ardor, ambition, and adventure. This reveals the core and your temperament that make you instantly recognizable. Your ideals and the aspects of who you consider being most authentically you can reflect your sun sign.

It’s not surprising that Billie dominated the music business with such ease. In Billie’s music videos, you can easily notice how aggressive and creative sags tend to be. Billie is known as an “anti-pop” star because she brings a deeper aspect of pop that hasn’t been heard in a while.

Which type of Enneagram is Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish is an Archetype Nine person with 7 wings. Alongside Sevens and Ones, Enneagram Nines are members of the body axis and generally base their conclusions on instincts. Billie enjoys having a sense of control, especially over her natural elements.

Liberty and individuality are significant to Enneagram Nines. Billie Eilish is a helpful, tolerant, and cooperative Enneagram Nine. She puts a lot of attention on preserving unity in her surroundings. Nines on the Enneagram are noted for their adaptability and are sometimes referred to as laid-back. Billie is amiable and reliable, and people like her for her calming presence.

What is Billie Eilish venus?

Billie’s sun sign and Venus’s sign are both Sagittarius. Sagittarians, who are ruled by Venus, are known for their boldness, candor, and willingness to take risks. Since Venus stands for the things we are drawn to, her style and methods are constantly under scrutiny.

What is Billie Eilish’s rising star?

Alpheratz suggests that the fact that Billie has a Pisces rising sign is the most unexpected aspect of her horoscope. “This is the rarest rising sign there is to have in your birth chart and signifies her shiftiness,” Alpheratz says.

What are the personal planets of Billie Eilish?

The remaining stars in her natal chart, in addition to the big three, each symbolize a particular phase of her existence. 

What does Billie Eilish Mars represent?

Mars is the planet that personifies aggressiveness, tenacity, and ardor. Billie’s emotional Mars resides in the very intuitive sign of Pisces. Since Neptune rules the subconscious, these positions have the potential to take on a supernatural quality. Billie’s Mars sign, which represents her motivation, is in a position that demonstrates her dedication to the song she creates and the projects she brings to the public for everyone to enjoy.

The mercury is in Capricorn for Billie Eilish?

Billie’s Mercury sign which is positioned in the realistic earth indicator of Capricorn, in her songs. The raw realities of life are easily processed by this Mercury location, which Billie expertly captures in her compositions. Her poems frequently have a somber tone because Capricorn is controlled by Saturn, a strict and unbending star.

Our understanding of the zodiac of her tone and timbre is aided by her Mercury positioning. Her voice, which has a deep middle range and a gentle vibrato, has a heartfelt, almost artistic character that croons over her distinctive composition which resembles Billie Eilish’s birth chart allfamous.


1st House starts at 28° Pisces 7th House starts at 28° Virgo
2nd House starts at 8° Taurus 8th House starts at 8° Scorpio
3rd House starts at 6° Gemini (Containing Saturn and North Node) 9th House starts at 6° Sagittarius (Containing Sun, Venus, and Pluto)
4th House starts at 29° Gemini (Containing Jupiter) 10th House starts at 29° Sagittarius (Containing Mercury and Chiron)
5th House starts at 22° Cancer 11th House starts at 22° Capricorn (Containing Moon and Neptune)
6th House starts at 19° Leo 12th House starts at 19° Aquarius

(Containing Mars and Uranus)

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Billie Eilish

Billie follows her path, and she doesn’t hesitate to question conventional norms. She is subtly disobedient, appreciates independence, and follows her emotions. Billie has a deep appreciation for aesthetics and elegance since she is an ISFP. She is incredibly aware of other people and focuses on the here and now by picking up on minute nuances in speech and mannerisms. Dec 2019 is one of the most famous birthdays of Billie Eilish and Steven Spielberg.

This is just the start of her we haven’t even begun to touch the top. Billie is still an upbeat person having this edge, and this shows in her performances and her motivations for creating music. She is concerned with both people and stuff. She is more concerned with the art itself than with the fame component. She simply enjoys expressing herself. Billie must thus be in store for some fairly amazing things given her incredible creativity and depth.

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