Rihanna Natal Chart

SUN IN Pisces

Rihanna Natal Chart


  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 20 February 1988 – 08:50h
  • Birthplace: Saint Michael
  • Country: BB, Barbados
  • Age: 34 years


Robyn On February 20, 1988, Rihanna Fenty entered the world. She is a successful entrepreneur, performer, and entertainer from Barbados. Rihanna, a Barbadian who was born in Saint Michael and reared in Bridgetown, was found by American music composer Evan Rogers, who flew her to the United States to make demonstration records.

Monica, an accountant, and Ronald, a logistic superintendent, are her parents. Rihanna is the middle sibling; she has two older brothers. She spent her childhood between a three-bedroom home in Bridgetown and a booth on the street where she and her father sold used clothing.

Her father’s drinking and crystal meth habit had a significant impact on her upbringing and their already troubled marriage. Even as a child, Rihanna tried to intervene when her father and mother got into conflicts by trying to separate them. Since Rihanna experienced severe headaches as a youngster, she had several CT scans. Her parents had split up by the moment she was 14, and she was finally starting to feel better.


Sun In 1° 6′ Pisces Uranus In 0° 12′ Capricorn
Moon in 11° 6′ Aries Neptune In 9° 29′ Capricorn
Mercury in 13° 17′ Aquarius (r) Pluto In 12° 34′ Scorpio (r)
Venus in 12° 56’Aries North Node In 24° 29′ Pisces (r)
Mars in 28° 43′ Sagittarius Chiron In 23° 9′ Gemini (r)
Jupiter in 26° 38′ Aries Ascendant In 15° 9′ Aries
Saturn in 0° 31′ Capricorn MC in 11° 33′ Capricorn
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

When Pisces occupies the 11th house, there is a desperate tendency to belong to a group and to work in conjunction with other people to develop new prospects. According to Rihanna’s birth chart, her Pisces Sun is located in the 11th house, and it is in sextile to her graph ruler. Because of this, she has a natural tendency to push for her beliefs, her initiatives, and her relationships.

Rihanna is a wonderful illustration of why it is essential to broaden your horizons outside your solar sign. Rihanna’s Ascendant, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are all in the sign of Aries, which is a sign that exudes a considerably more forceful emotion than Pisces does. Take a look at Rihanna’s birth chart to see how the fiery, pioneering energy of Aries manifests in her life.

Rihanna has two of her major planets in the sign of Aries, giving her a significant amount of Aries energy. The momentum of your birth chart as a whole is determined by the zodiac sign that is now resting on your ascendant.

Rihanna has a naturally flirtatious, assertive, and combative temperament thanks to the influence of the energy of Aries on her ascendant as well as on her Venus. So according to this Rihanna’s birth sign is Aries.

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Meaning of Rihanna’s birth chart

The date of Rihanna’s birth is February 20th, 1988. Because of this, she has the sun in Pisces and the moon in Aries. Because the time of her arrival that is stated internet has not been confirmed, let’s concentrate instead on the information that we can rely on to be accurate.

Rihanna is a clever person. She is not to be trifled with; she is a formidable opponent. She can concentrate on something and then use her skills to get anything she desires. But since there is so much magnetic strength in her chart, there is a good chance that she will be a trailblazer in her endeavor.

When one digs further into her chart, one discovers that she possesses certain exceptionally fortuitous positions that contribute to her becoming a millionaire.

What are Rihanna’s big three?

Rihanna was born under the sign of Pisces, which is associated with imagination and the arts. Pisces are mentally sensitive people who are also inventive in the manner that they communicate their emotions since they are water signs.

Rihanna’s abilities and commercial initiatives, such as singing, acting, and the launch of her Fenty lingerie and beauty brands, are very diverse, which may be attributed, in part, to the fact that her solar sign is Cancer. Your emotional reactions are represented by your moon sign, including how you analyze and display those feelings.

Rihanna was born under the sign of Aries, which is known for its boldness and spontaneity. When it comes to their feelings, people born under these signs are courageous, and they have no issue letting others know exactly how they are feeling. Rihanna is known to have a strong and confident personality; this is not a secret.

Rihanna’s Mercury sign is Aquarius, which is a sign associated with humanitarianism and rebellion.

What is Rihanna’s ascendant?

Rihanna was born with her ascendant, moon, Venus, and Jupiter all in the fiery sign of Aries, which is a sign that exudes considerably more forceful energy than the tranquil sign of Pisces.

Is Rihanna a Pisces Rising?

Rihanna was born with a passionate and fiery Aries rising, moon, and Venus in addition to having a sensitive and creative Pisces sun. If you are interested in celebrity astrology, you may already be aware of this fact; nevertheless, she was also born with a Pisces moon.

Who is Rihanna’s astrologer?

Aliza Kelly, our most reliable celebrity astrologer, examines the birth charts of pregnant Rihanna and A$AP Rocky to see what the stars have to say about their relationship and how they will nurture their children.

What is Rihanna’s moon?

Rihanna was born under the sign of Aries, which is known for its boldness and spontaneity. When it comes to their feelings, people born under these signs are courageous and fearless, and they have no issue letting others know exactly how they are feeling.

What are the predictions for Rihanna’s future?

Rihanna is about to embark, from a variety of perspectives and perspectives, on one of the most significant phases of her whole existence. To commence, Jupiter, her solar founder, will spend most of 2024 traveling across her Pisces zodiac sign. This will offer her a stunning time of increased good fortune as well as completely fresh possibilities.

However, because Aries dominates such a large portion of her natal chart, the year 2024 will also be remarkable for her. Given the significant progress that is expected to be made in these areas in the years to come, the topic of involvement may be brought up in 2024.

This might result in a protracted commitment, but it could also cause tension as her life through transitions and considerations about where she wants to settle down are discussed.

What is Rihanna’s midheaven?

Rihanna ought to pursue a line of work that puts her in charge and gives her the ability to make decisions since her Midheaven is located in Capricorn. This is probably because her Moon is square to her Midheaven, which creates friction between the things she is passionate about and the things she does for a living.

This square is occurring for Rihanna in the positions of Capricorn, which is known as the Puritan, and Aries, which is known as the Trailblazer. Rihanna prioritizes her ability to make her own financial decisions above all other forms of independence, even though she needs the flexibility to move freely from one endeavor to the next without pausing in between.

It is hardly surprising that she is always pursuing new avenues of financial gain, new product lines, and new business opportunities.


1st House starts at 15° Aries 7th House starts at 15° Libra
2nd House starts at 17° Taurus 8th House starts at 17° Scorpio
3rd House starts at 15° Gemini 9th House starts at 15° Sagittarius
4th House starts at 11° Cancer 10th House starts at 11° Capricorn
5th House starts at 8° Leo 11th House starts at 8° Aquarius
6th House starts at 9° Virgo 12th House starts at 9° Pisces

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Rihanna

Not only does a significant portion of Rihanna’s natal chart tells of a grasp of conventional economic models, but there is also a connection between the more contemporary ones and the ones she works with that occurs naturally for her. In everything that she does, notably in business and when dealing with money, she exudes a visionary spirit.

Jupiter, the planet of blessings and prosperity, forms an excellent connection with Mars, Saturn, and Uranus. Jupiter bestows good fortune, wealth, and gain onto all things it affects, causing them to flourish abundantly. Rihanna’s natal chart is also known as the most beautiful natal chart.

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