David Bowie Birth Chart [Natal Chart]



  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 8 January 1947 – 09:00h
  • Birthplace: London, England
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Age:† 69 years
  • Death: 10 January 2016


David Bowie is an actor and singer from England. Bowie first grew interested in music as a  youngster. As a prominent player in the music industry, he is recognized as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. His brilliant work during the mid-1960s was especially praised by writers and artists.

His music and stage design had a big influence on modern music and his career was characterized by creativity and graphic representation.

He was amongst the most successful musicians of all time. During his lifetime with music, sales are predicted to have exceeded 110 m copies all over the world.


Sun in 16° 51′ Capricorn Uranus in 18° 41′ Gemini(r)
Moon in 28° 10 ‘Cancer Neptune in 10° 48′ Libra
Mercury in 7° 36′ Capricorn Pluto in 12° 45′ Leo(r)
Venus in 1° 50′ Sagittarius North Node in 9° 46′ Gemini(r)
Mars in 16° 26′ Capricorn Chiron in 6° 49′ Scorpio
Jupiter in 21° 33′ Scorpio Ascendant in 11° 40′ Libra
Saturn in 6° 53′ Leo(r) MC in1 5° 16′ Cancer
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

David Bowie’s zodiac sign is Capricorn which shows the ability to survive in hostile circumstances and is symbolized by the sea goat. David was a caring and devoted Capricorn, especially to his close relatives and relations. He was attentive and helpful, always ready to provide help to the needy. Capricorns are reliable and will defend those who are important to them.

INFP was the personality type of David Bowie. It’s crucial to him that he upholds his moral principles. David valued self-expression because of his sensitivity and need for honesty. Typically, INFPs consider life’s meaning and purpose in great detail, thinking of all kinds of stories, concepts, and options in the process.

People who identify as INFPs have a great need to feel connected to a profound sense of purpose, and they also have an intense tendency for their behaviors to be consistent with their beliefs.

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Meaning of David Bowie Birth Chart

David Bowie’s birth chart shows that Leo represents a person who aspires to live life to the fullest filling it with laughter and joy and enjoying every waking moment. A person who enjoys bringing out the best in others which is made simple by their inherently upbeat and amiable nature. With Jupiter in his ninth House David Bowie’s life was likely centered around expanding his ideas whether through the arts, travel, or spiritual undertakings.

Together with Venus in the sixth house Jupiter in the seventh house suggests a love of learning and an interest in an ideology which was likely the driving reason behind his superb musical ability. His chart’s Sun square Neptune aspect shows a person who must have found reality to be brutal and frequently refused to accept it instead choosing to immerse himself in a world of his creation and viewing music as his haven.

Which Enneagram type was David Bowie?

David Bowie had a 3 wing and was an Enneagram 4 personality type. Together with Triplets and Doubles, Enneagram Fours are members of the heart center and usually make their judgments on their feelings. He placed a high priority on having a distinct self and a meaningful existence.

David was also truthful and self-aware yet occasionally he had mood swings. David Bowie star was an intelligent, thoughtful, and reflective Enneagram Four. He had a singular perspective on life and was passionate about being genuine. David Bowie was an artist who used his art to explore his complex feelings and ideas.

What was David Bowie’s personality like?

David Bowie’s character profile was INFP. Maintaining their integrity is a priority for himself

How does the zodiac affect his personality?

Because of his high IQ, he would casually drop brilliant ideas everywhere he went. A brain isn’t necessarily an advantage, which precisely renders Bowie’s academic culture so painful.

Which personality type was David Bowie?

David Bowie’s kind of individual was INFP. Maintaining his integrity is a priority for him. David valued personality because of his sensitivity and the desire for genuineness that it fulfilled.

What is David Bowie’s moon sign?

David Bowie was supposed to destroy the stage with a moon in extravagant glory shilling Leo. Although his ego may have been restrained by his modest Capricorn Sun. Bowie’s selfish rock king character allowed him to express his id. Bowie also had mainly Mars in Capricorn at birth, which gave him a gravity for taking command.

Enter Major Tom the head of the Bowie phase astronauts. David Bowie Saturn squares the Moon, bringing stability to the mind, emotions, and a sense of responsibility. The David Bowie of Saturn is an older musician who is coming to terms with the ending of his roughly 45 journeys.

Did David Bowie die at home?

On January 10th, 2016, David Bowie passed away in his Manhattan residence on Lafayette Street. He spent eighteen months battling liver cancer. He passed just 2 days from the publication of Blackstar, his 26th and last solo album, which falls on David Bowie’s 70th birthday. He kept his sickness a secret, so both his family and well-wishers were shocked by David Bowie’s death.

In England, NYC, Berlin, and other locations where Bowie had resided temporary monuments were built record and single sales significantly increased. Many celebrities and musicians also shared their sorrow. Numerous experts rated Bowie as one of the most important musicians of all time and discussed his influence on singing, clothing, and civilization.


1st House starts at1 1° Libra 7th House starts at 11° Aries
2nd House starts at 6° Scorpio (Containing Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron) 8th House starts at 6° Taurus
3rd House starts at 8° Sagittarius

(Containing Mercury)

9th House starts at 8° Gemini

(Containing Uranus and North Node)

4th House starts at 15°Capricorn

(Containing Sun and Mars)

10th House starts at 15° Cancer

(Containing Moon, Saturn, and Pluto)

5th House starts at 20° Aquarius 11th House starts at 20° Leo
6th House starts at 19° Pisces 12th House starts at 19° Virgo (Containing Neptune)

Other aspects of David Bowie Birth Chart

David was a thoughtful, individual, and contemplative Archetype 4. He had a distinct perspective on life and was very concerned about being himself. David Bowie’s eyes needed to improve the world. He had a great sense of empathy and loved to make people happy. INFPs frequently experience other people’s pain as though it were their own.

Finally, David Bowie was destined for success from the moment he was born due to Mars’s sextile Jupiter aspect. Bowie’s North Node lies in the gender-fluid sign of Gemini, so it should come as no surprise that his artistic journey included androgyny and alter personalities.

David Bowie Natal Chart