Mukesh Ambani Birth Chart [Natal Chart]

SUN IN Aries


  • Date of Birth: 19 April 1957
  • Birthplace: Mumbai
  • Country: India
  • Age: 65 years


The businessman who founded Mukesh Companies was the son of a schoolteacher and had the drive and aspiration to achieve greatness in his career. Due to this, he returned to Bombay in 1960 along with his son Mukesh Ambani and his wife Kokila Dhirubhai Ambani from Aden.

Mukesh Ambani is led by a Top Worldwide 500 corporation and India’s biggest firm Reliance Industries Ltd by current worth. Mukesh Ambani is also the firm’s major investor and executive board member.

As of May 2021, the businessman will be the wealthiest in both the nation and Asia thanks to the revenue from this father firm’s multiple branch businesses


Sun in 29° 2′ Aries Uranus in 2° 54′ Leo
Moon in 29° 55′ Sagittarius Neptune in 1° 17′ Scorpio(r)
Mercury in 17° 46′ Taurus Pluto in 28° 1′ Leo(r)
Venus in 0° 17′ Taurus North Nude in 20° 58’Scorpio(r)
Mars in 20° 24′ Gemini Chiron in 16° 50′ Aquarius
Jupiter in 23° 8′ Virgo(r) Ascendant in 29° 50′ Cancer
Saturn in 13° 44 ‘Sagittarius(r) MC in 29° 17′ Aries
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Aries is Mukesh Ambani’s zodiac sign. According to his astrology, he is a wonderful speaker, clever, powerful, humorous, and humbled by nature. His later years could be quite wealthy and successful. He may have a passion for art and musicians. Mukesh Ambani’s star sign reveals that numerous particular planets’ groupings and their planetary angles are unique.

Raj yoga and Dhan yoga are influenced by Mukesh Ambani birth chart Tamil by these groupings as well as the stars. He will achieve unimaginable financial stability. He might be superior to others in every way. The biggest influential figures and organizations in the nation may come to trust and like him. He will be a wise, considerate, and modest man.

Mukesh Ambani has the INTJ, ISTP, ISTJ, and ESTP personality types. He’ll lead a very rich and contented life with family. His life may become luckier as a result of the life mate.

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Meaning of Mukesh Ambani Birth Chart 

According to Mukesh Ambani’s birth chart analysis, he has a Mars Mercury Interchange. The Sun is also prominent in Navamsa astrology. Further, Mercury is in Sagittarius in Navamsa and Pluto is in its sign of Aquarius, giving him a strong influence from both of the slow-moving stars. His progression is gradual as a result of this mix.

There is a Venus and Mars interchange at the birth time of Mukesh Ambani. As a result, he is experiencing some significant developments in his life and is also benefiting from his relatives. Jupiter is in his tenth sector, bringing fortune to him. He has been making use of his skills to develop a global corporate structure.

Mars, the wealth indicator is positioned in the seventh house, representing the possibility of a property conflict. Overall, he has received a great deal of popularity and notoriety thanks to the potent Sun, which rules the eleventh sector of satisfaction and is located in the seventh house.

What is Mukesh Ambani’s sun sign?

In a Mukesh Ambani birth chart, the Sun is positioned in the Aries zone. Further, Sun is in Ashwini Scorpio, indicating that he is rich, popular, energetic, smart, and likes traveling, yet his income can vary. He is driven, aggressive, and has a strong personality. He is sincere, liberal, and prone to Buddhism, especially as he gets older.

He is unhealthy, smart, sad, and irritable. He has a small family and solid habits. He has solid principles, a strong religious belief, and an outstanding family. He is committed to his education. The individual is well-educated, well-known, and richUnexpected gifts and profits from several industries for Mukesh Ambani are symbols of Mukesh Ambani birth chart astrology.

What do mukesh ambani mars mean in horoscope analysis?

Because Mars, the property ruler, is stationed in the eighth house, a quarrel over property is possible. In sum, he has received a great deal of notoriety because the Sun, the most potent planet and the Lord of the 11th house of fulfillment, is situated in the 7th house for him.

What does Saturn in Mukesh Ambani’s horoscope mean?

With Saturn in Capricorn, its symbol, and Jupiter in Sagittarius, Navamansa, he benefits from the strength of both of these very quiet stars. That’s a potent mix that’s allowing him to make steady gains.

Is there any exchange of planets in the Mukesh Ambani’s natal chart?

Venus and Mars trade places. As a result, he is experiencing positive developments in his life and enjoying the support of his loved ones.

What is the effect of the sun on the natal chart of mukesh ambani?

In sum, an empowered Sun will bring not only fame and prosperity but also a substantial sum of money. Without a doubt, he will pave the path for fresh perspectives and prospective futures.

How is Jupiter positioned in the birth chart of Mukesh Ambani?

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is home to Jupiter. The individual is well-educated, continues to live in an excellent culture, and is religious. A person is passionate about their parents and teacher and can move abroad and amass a fortune if the fourth lord is in a changeable phase. He makes religious shrines.

The individual is happy, rich, popular, daring, well-behaved, helpful, and morally upright. A native with the first lord in the ninth place becomes well, powerful, kind, fearless, and popular. A person who has the fourth lord in the ninth house is charitable, devout, and obedient to their parent. Sometimes a native is rather aggressive and unconcerned with others.

Is the moon in Sagittarius?

The sunrise is in Cancer and the moon is in Sagittarius.  Safety is a major issue for the Cancer-Capricorn axis, both physically and monetarily. Sagittarius is prompted by this lunation to consider this issue more deeply. Capricorn yearns to hit new heights through success and fame and craves monetary status and prosperity.

The Sagittarius full moon is a powerful moment to consider your work balancing, but it may also help you realize some of your material achievements. People are always concerned about does Mukesh Ambani believe in astrology. Yes, he always follows his astrologer’s advice. Sagittarius peoples have the chance to adjust because there is a push amongst their outer and internal worlds.


1st House starts at 29° Cancer

(Containing Uranus)

7th House starts at 29° Capricorn (Containing Chiron)
2nd House starts at 26° Leo

(Containing Jupiter and Pluto)

8th House starts at 26° Aquarius
3rd House starts at 27° Virgo 9th House starts at 27° Pisces
4th House starts at 29° Libra

(Containing Neptune and North Nude)

10th House starts at 29° Aries (Containing Sun, Mercury, and Venus)
5th House starts at 0° Sagittarius

(Containing Moon and Saturn)

11th House starts at 0° Gemini (Containing Mars)
6th House starts at 0° Capricorn 12th House starts at 0° Cancer

Other aspects of Mukesh Ambani Birth Chart 

Mukesh Ambani’s star indicates that he will be a strong human. He might enjoy engaging in a variety of hobbies, picking up new skills, and earning money. Despite being accompanied by many powerful people, he will be a self-made person. He may have been viewed as an icon and the largest influence on many people in the final stages of his life.

Turning Saturn is traveling over the Newborn Sun in his Lunar chart. It is also aspecting the second king. Natal Moon and transiting Mars are in an aspect with one another. This suggests that he will focus on the petroleum and energy sectors.

In conclusion, new business developments will occur in the future. The import and export industries may experience rapid growth. All things considered, the high Moon will bring wealth, popularity, and success. Mukesh Ambani and his grandson’s birth charts have too many similarities.

Mukesh Ambani’s horoscope analysis and future predictions