Namjoon Birth Chart



  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 12 September 1994
  • Birthplace: Yeosu-si
  • Country: South Korea
  • Age: 28 years


Kim Namjoon is an amazing singer, born on September 12, 1994. He is famous because of his stage name RM Rap Monster. He is a South Korean singer along with a rapper. He leads the South Korean kid’s BTS. In 2015. He launched his most memorable solo mixtape, RM. He recorded with Wale, Younha, Warren G, Gaeko, and Kriz Kaliko.

“Rap Monster” was no longer an agent of what he was or what he made in November 2017, when he changed his stage name to “RM”. In a meeting with Entertainment Tonight, that is what RM said “could represent a lot of things. It could have more spectra.” “Genuine Me” was given as a potential current significance. RM is positioned as the twelfth most loved icon of the year for 2018. He was positioned eleventh in 2019. RM received a cultural merit award from South Korea in 2018.


Sun in 23° 29’Leo Uranus in 5° 49’Capricorn(r)
Moon in 48° 50’Virgo Neptune in 29° 39’Capricorn(r)
Mercury in 69° 64’Virgo Pluto in 13° 69’Scorpio
Venus in 9° 24’Leo North Node in 6° 23’Aquarius(r)
Mars in 14° 39’Taurus Chiron in 14° 94’Cancer
Jupiter in 0° 93’Leo Ascendant in 12° 33’Sagittarius
Saturn in 87° 33’Capricorn(r) MC in 32° 82′ Virgo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Namjoon is difficult to understand as he doesn’t exactly peruse as an iconic character. Icon characters are super flat, similar to anime characters, and possibly fit when they are important for a gathering. There are set standards about what symbol characters can resemble. Namjoon is an American-style VIP.

American big names look for the style of credibility and, thus, their genuine lives are estimated more so than famous people who act more like imaginary people. You see this in the manner Namjoon introduces himself in front of an audience. He stands a piece presumptuous and tall. He looks strong.

A channel outline happens when one planet remains solitary, secluded from the others. This planet is many times called a singleton. It’s named as in all the diagram’s energy is channeled into that planet and the house it possesses.

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Meaning of the Namjoon Birth Chart

For Namjoon everything is music. As his birth chart explains that the Sun is in Virgo and Venus, in Scorpio. For both Virgo and Scorpio, the catchphrases are: to stay one’s actual self, to prize one’s domain. Nothing and nobody can persuade you to what you are fated to (Sun in Virgo), or to adore. (Venus in Scorpio).

His birth chart is a mix of a bowl outline and a channel diagram, as it has parts of both. A natal chart is a point at which the planets just possess one portion of the outline, and as you can find in this the larger part are on the left side.

Virgo’s cold save is added to Scorpio’s energetic and similarly unambiguous person. He is a person filled with energy and effort. His character is loaded with contrasts, especially in the wistful circle. It requires a request and mentality simultaneously.  But co-existence would be extremely dull if there were no complexities.

What is their net worth of Najoon? 

The estimated net worth of Najoon is USD 22 million. This is checked by proper resources as Najoon is highly paid. He is a style icon for youth. And there is always the time when there is a concert of his, all tickets get sold within a day. This shows the importance and worth of the singer. The immense love he gets from his audience is amazing and he is beyond grateful for that.

What was Najoon before becoming a renowned musician? 

He was an unknown rapper before he got famous. He used to write his songs and used to sing in clubs and at parties. He want to reach heights but because of financial issues and less exposure, he couldn’t get the chance to sing on a bigger level. But as you say when luck is with you nothing can beat you. As later he got famous because of his songs and later became a member of BTS.

What is the birth time of Kim Namjoon?

On September 12, 1994, Kim Nam-Joon was born in the Dongjak District of Seoul, South Korea; however, he spent most of his childhood in the Ilsan District of Goyang when his family relocated there when he was about four or five years old.

What is Namjoon’s birth chart?

There is more to astrology than just the sun and moon signs for characterizing an person’s life. Considering that Scorpio is his ascendant.

How is Namjoon defined?

Namjoon has been characterized as mysterious, self-assured, determined, cool under pressure, frightening, and deeply spiritual.

What is RM’s favorite color?

Namjoon has said that his preferred color palette consists of pink, black, and purple.

What is the height of Najoon? 

The lagoon is quite tall and fair in color. The height of Najoon is 5’11. Among all the members of BTS, he is the tallest. Young girls are huge fans of him because of his style and height. Also, he is very handsome and when dressed up in proper attire people want to just go and meet him


1st House starts at 39° Scorpio 7th House starts at 29° Taurus
2nd House starts at 80° Capricorn 8th House starts at 50°Cancer
3rd House starts at 29° Aquarius 9th House starts at 68°Leo
4th House starts at 35° Pisces 10th House starts at 39° Virgo
5th House starts at 54° Aries 11th House starts at 35° Libra
6th House starts at 18° Taurus 12th House starts at 92° Scorpio

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Namjoon

Having a birth chart shows the personality traits. When Namjoon was initially beginning at BigHit Entertainment, he was preparing to be important for a hip-hop bunch. Then, the organization understood that this could never be productive and chose to make BTS into a symbol bunch.

Yoongi had a similar experience and is controlled by Mars in the fall with Venus in a drawback in the main house. Neither of them achieved the assignment that they set off to achieve and, all things being equal, became icon people.