Mitski Birth Chart

SUN IN Libra


  • Birthday September 27, 1990
  • Birthplace Japan
  • Age 31 years old
  • Zodiac Sign Libra


Mitski is a Japanese-American musician. She was established in a smaller village in the Mie Prefecture and spoke Japanese as her native tongue. Due to her dad’s travels for work while she was developing she traveled around a lot. When Mitski was eighteen she composed her first song. Mitski’s earliest two albums were self-released. She launched her third solo album after receiving her degree. After that, she released too many albums and become very popular.


Sun in 3° 16′ Libra Uranus in 5° 39′ Capricorn
Moon in 28° 12′ Sagittarius Neptune in 11° 47′ Capricorn
Mercury in 15° 48′ Virgo Pluto in 16° 1′ Scorpio
Venus in 23° 54′ Virgo North Node in 4° 14′ Aquarius(r)
Mars in 10° 40 ‘Gemini Chiron in 25° 57′ Cancer
Jupiter in 7° 35′ Leo Ascendantin24° 11’Cancer
Saturn in 18° 42′ Capricorn MC in 10° 42′ Aries
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

What zodiac sign is Mitsuki? Mitski is a Libra, one of the symbols in the astrological Air component along with Aries and Scorpio. What personality type is Mitsuki? In terms of personality. Mitski is an INFP. She has a different personality and is frequently misjudged by others among her. Mitski is kind and open-minded and she recognizes that various lifestyles suit various personality types.

She has a hidden stubborn nature in addition to her inherent empathy. INFPs frequently experience other people’s feelings as though they were their own. Because of Mitski’s intelligence people frequently seek her counseling and prefer to believe in her judgment. She is an active listener who helps others feel at ease through her truthfulness and sympathy.

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Meaning of Mitski Birth Chart

According to Mitski’s most powerful birth chart, her ascendant is Libra. Her Sun is nearly parallel to Mars, which gives her a very unique and strong personality. She is prepared to be different and go beyond the flow. She may become rash and unsuitable as a result, but she also gains the ability to start over and generate the courage to change her life’s path. She naturally has a wonderful temperament, but she needs to learn to control herself.

Because her Sun is in opposition to her Jupiter, she has a great yearning for reputation and significance. She has an unlimited amount of strength and the capacity to accomplish her objectives since she is so strongly motivated.

Because of the moon’s trio with Mercury, which also inspires her to enjoy the arts and has a high rate of creativity, she has a magical aspect to her internal living. She always has a question in her mind why did my birth chart change and how rare is my birth chart?

What Moon sign is Mitski?

The Mitski Moon sign is Capricorn. Capricorn moons frequently have controlled emotions because of their feeling of obligation and Mitski’s obligation to his supporters. She deliberately decided to concentrate on her career and on leading a life that seems regular.

What is Mitski’s rising sign?

Scorpio is Mitski’s rising sign. The rising sign of Scorpio typically conceals their intense, violent emotions. And it also indicates that what people find strange and hidden from them appears to systematically turn on the love.

Which Enneagram type is Mitski?

Mitski has 4 personality types on the Enneagram and 5 wings. Together with fives and fours, Enneagram Fours are part of the heart center and usually base their judgments on their feelings. She places a high priority on having a distinct identity and life goal.  Mitski is truthful and self-aware, while occasionally she can be unpleasant.

The facts about Mitski are she is unique, passionate, and creative Enneagram Four. Enneagram Fours are drawn to those who share their beliefs and understanding of their personality. The meaning of nobody Mitski is that she is an individualist who takes pride in her uniqueness and is mentally complicated. Try Miley Cyrus Birth Chart.


1st House starts at 24° Cancer

(Containing Jupiter and Chiron)

7th House starts at 24° Capricorn

(Containing North Node)

2nd House starts at 15° Leo 8th House starts at 15° Aquarius
3rd House starts at 10° Virgo      (Containing Sun, Mercury, and Venus) 9th House starts at 10° Pisces
4th House starts at 10° Libra 10th House starts at 10° Aries
5th House starts at16° Scorpio

(Containing Pluto)

11th House starts at 16° Taurus (Containing Mars)
6th House starts at 22° Sagittarius (Containing Moon, Saturn, and Neptune) 12th House starts at 22°Gemini

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