Lana Del Rey Birth Chart


Lana Del Rey Birth Chart


Lana Del Rey, born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant on June 21, 1985, is a multi-talented American artist who has released songs under a variety of monikers and has directed music videos. Critics have praised her music for its cinematic, artistic nature, and its focus on tragedy, glitzy sadness, and contemporary culture, especially from the 1950s and 1960s in the United States.

Born in a small town in upstate New York, Del Rey relocated to the Big Apple in 2005 to embark on a musical career.  She is “one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the 21st century,” Variety said when they presented her with a Hitmakers Award.


  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth:21 June 1985 – 16:47h
  • Birthplace: New York, New York
  • Country: United States the US, United States
  • Age:37 years



Sun in 0° 23’Cancer Jupiter 16° 30’Aquarius(r)
Moon in 10° 33’Leo Saturn in22° 21′ Scorpio(r)
Mercury 16° 23’Cancer Uranus 15° 22’Sagittarius(r)
Venus 14° 55’Taurus Neptune 2° 17’Capricorn(r)
Mars 8° 14’Cancer Plutoin2° 2′ Scorpio(r)
North Node in 16° 2’Taurus(r) Chiron in 10° 34′ Gemini
Ascendant 15° 27′ Scorpio MCin25° 27’Leo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Cancers, like Lana Del Rey, are part of the astrological group known as the Water Element, which also includes Pisces and Scorpio. The crab, the sign’s motif, is said to have a protecting spirit. Lana is kind and compassionate because Cancer is her astrological sign.

Lana is sensitive and feels things deeply, although she doesn’t quite show it. Cancer natives are the kindest and most selfless of all Chinese zodiac types, in both personal and professional settings. As a Four with a Three wing, Lana Del Rey is a unique character trait. Fours on the Enneagram are emotional lawmakers who share this trait with the Threes and Twos.

She thinks it’s crucial to know who you are and why you’re here. Lana has both sincerity and charm, yet she has depressive episodes that may be distracting on occasion. Lana is an Enneagram Four, making her thoughtful, imaginative, and introspective.

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Meaning of Lana del Rey’s birth chart

In Lana Del Rey’s horoscope, Jupiter has the position of first dominance. This demonstrates that Lana is a brilliant strategist with considerable sway. The Jupiterian has a propensity to exaggerate positive traits as a means of making up for perceived shortcomings. Therefore, Lana needs to be wary of the possibility that she could come to identify with her social mask to the exclusion of her true identity and true character.

As we continue  Lana Del Rey‘s celestial chart analyzing Uranus as the second most powerful planet. , we will discuss the significance of this topic further. Uranus, often known as “The Great Awakener,” is a planet that is associated with change and turmoil.

As the second most influential planet in Lana Del Rey’s birth chart, change and disruption are inevitable throughout her life. The planet Neptune is the third most influential in Lana Del Rey’s horoscope.

What is the celebrity Lana del Rey’s astrological gesture?

Cancer is the zodiac sign of Lana del ey according to the natal chart. However, many believe Del Rey could be a Gemini and are playing a joke on us. It would be a very Gemini move, I think we’d all agree upon it.

Her artistry and horoscope depict her innate sensitivity, sexual allure, and willingness to embrace heartbreak. Given the aforementioned, it should be clear that this interpretation only skims the surface of the complexities inherent in any charting reading.

What is Lana del Rey’s rising star?

Lana del Rey’s rising star is Scorpio according to the natal chart. Venus is placed in Pisces in her natal chart. The asteroid District of Rajasthan Bhadrapada is now hosting the planet Mars. The Scorpio emerging personality has intense, seething passions that are supposed to be kept veiled. If this describes you, then people may find your secretiveness and attractiveness disconcerting.

What does Lana del Rey Saturn mean?

Saturn represents wisdom, experience, self-control, and accountability “the psychological astrologer and author of Use Your Planets Wisely, Dr. Jennifer Freed, Ph.D., says. “Take a look at the signs of the zodiac and the archetypal spirit they represent to learn what it means to develop.

What does Lana del Rey Jupiter mean?

Jupiter is the beneficent and bountiful asteroid that brings great luck and prosperity to everyone who encounters it. Jupiter is an agent of growth and expansion, a catalyst for material and intellectual progress.

What does Lana del Rey Mars mean?

Mars represents drive, initiative, and vitality. It’s a metaphor for the natural will to live. The name “Fiery Planet” is given to Mars due to its appearance. Named for the Roman goddess of war, it is also the planet that represents conflict.

What are the dominant planets, houses, and elements in the Lana del Rey chart?

Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are the dominant planets in addition to this Houses 8, 7, and 12 are also important and dominant, while we talk about elements then water and earth are quite on top.

What is the Lana del Rey moon sign?

Leo is the moon sign. Del Rey’s moon in Leo may make her conceited, but she has every right to be proud of herself. Whenever it concerns her feelings and emotions (of which we have already established that she has *a lot*), she may be extremely conceited.

The Leo moon that she was born under gives Lana a natural flair for the theatrical, colorful, and spectacular. She isn’t shy about taking center stage, and her work and esthetic seldom try to dial stuff down. The moon’s influence over your feelings explains why “Summertime Sadness” is such a fitting title.


1st House starts at 15° Scorpio

(Containing Saturn)

7th House starts at 15° Taurus

(Containing North Node and Chiron)

2nd House starts at 15° Sagittarius

(Containing Uranus and Neptune)

8th House starts at 15° Gemini

(Containing Sun, Mercury, and Mars)

3rd House starts at 19° Capricorn

(Containing Jupiter)

9th House starts at 19° Cancer

(Containing Moon)

4th House starts at 25° Aquarius 10th House starts at 25° Leo
5th House starts at 27° Pisces 11th House starts at 27° Virgo
6th House starts at 24° Aries

(Containing Venus)

12th House starts at 24° Libra

(Containing Pluto

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Lana Del Rey

She understands herself and her feelings, and she accepts her individuality. Individuals with the Enneagram type Four have a strong yearning to have meaningful relationships with those who get them. Lana is an intellectual enigma, but also a brilliant artist who uses her work as a way of articulating her inner turmoil.

The planet Earth stands as a universal emblem for the openness of the mind and the basic responses of the unconscious, both personal and societal. Neptune represents the concept of disintegration, in contrast to Saturn’s idea of form, structure, and restriction.

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