Drake Natal Chart [Birth Chart]

SUN IN Scorpio

Drake Natal Chart


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 24 October 1986 – 02:31h
  • Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario
  • Country: CA, Canada
  • Age: 35 years


Canadian musician, rapper, singer, and composer Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986), better known simply as Drake. His birthplace is Canada, specifically Ontario where he was born. The part of Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation is where he initially became widely known. According to Mediabase, Drake is the most popular Rhythmic musician of 2012.

Critically acclaimed and widely popular, Drake’s first three albums (Thank Me Later (2010), Take Care (2011), and Nothing Was the Same (2013)) catapulted him to the top of hip hop. [7] Views (2016), his fourth studio album, contained dancehall experimentation and was the first album by a male artist to peak on the Billboard 200 for 13 consecutive weeks in nearly a decade. all thanks to the success of the album’s lead track, which also broke a ranking mark.


Sun in 0° 33’ Scorpio Jupiter in 13° 21’ Pisces
Moon in 12° 17’ Cancer Saturn in 7° 31’ Sagittarius
Mercury in 24° 42’ Scorpio Uranus in 19° 42’ Sagittarius
Venus in 18° 55’ Scorpio (r) Neptune in 3° 27’ Capricorn
Mars in 8° 47’ Aquarius Pluto in 7° 1’ Scorpio
North Node in 20° 7’ Aries (r) Chiron in 20° 59’ Gemini
Ascendant in 29° 50’ Leo MC in 23° 6’ Taurus
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

While Drake’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, he is certainly not a typical Scorpio. Drake has a rather significant number of planets (four) in Scorpio. 40 percent of Drake’s major planetary influences are concentrated in a single sign. We’re all aware that the Scorpio personality is ambitious and eager to take charge. Scorpio has a strong, inner wellspring of emotions and needs to know where the power resides. We may say that is their secret weapon.

When we use our emotions to manipulate, seize power over, or always come out on top, we do tremendous damage to ourselves and the people around us. In addition to the obvious harm to others, we may also do serious damage to ourselves if we do something like that. In contrast, intellectual vigor is the medium via which ideas are communicated. It’s the medium of exchange for forming relationships.

The ultimate goal for a Scorpio is to dive headfirst into life and never back down from a challenge. That’s a typical Scorpion emotion, and it manifests as… extraordinary in their ability to withstand pressure. This is not a power that could be simply eliminated. This region is governed by Mars, the asteroid known for its fierceness.

A common Scorpio attitude is, “I don’t care how long the struggle is, I must prevail. And I will endure as much pain as is necessary; I will tunnel, hide, and retreat. Whatever it takes, I will accomplish it. Let’s accomplish this; I don’t need any of those things. That’s how terrible it is; that’s the edge of life.

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Meaning of Drakes’ birth chart

Drake’s natal chart affects his music. Drake, a Scorpio, is well-versed in the art of rebuilding himself from the ruins of his previous incarnations, which is appropriate given that the eighth house is ruled by sexuality, mortality, and reincarnation.

Drake’s work on Pisces prince Jack Harlow’s “Churchill Downs” record demonstrates that Sun in Scorpio natives is both emotionally vulnerable and highly suspicious. Drake’s natal chart features Mars, the planet of battle, in tense conjunction with Pluto, the planetary ruler of death and resurrection.

Drake’s passionate nature and his willingness to “flame the vessels,” “incinerate the roads,” and “destroy your detractors upon them” come from this quality. These folks hit hard and take accusations of dishonesty or lack of moral fiber very, very personally.

Drake’s astrological sun is in Scorpio, making him a strong, independent leader, but his moon is in sensitive, emotional Cancer. This duo packs an emotional wallop and manipulates its audience with ease.

What is Drake’s moon sign?

Drake moon sign cancer is responsible for emotional intuition and in addition to this they have the power and aura of rulership.

What is Drake Saturn? 

Saturn symbolizes experience, self-control, and destiny. This symbol helps you see the parts of your life where you can use some serious maturation based on your encounters.

What is Drake Uranus?

The launch of Scorpion on June 29 coincided with the first oppositional passage of Uranus, the great awakener, to Drake’s Sun. Drake is someone to pay attention to in March 2019 (when Uranus finally enters Taurus) since this is the final stage of his Uranus opposite Sun passage, and it portends further intense Scorpionic activity.

Under which element does Drake’s sign fall?

There are four different elements; earth, fire, water, and air and Drake’s sign Scorpio fall underwater sign.

What is Drake’s rising sign?

The aquatic signs of Scorpio and Cancer stand in contrast to the fire element of Leo. These opposing factors can lead to an explosive mixture of rage, pride, and goodwill that is ultimately harmful. Drake simplified our work by essentially dividing his polarising Scorpio inspirations between the two halves of the Scorpion.

The macho strength of his Scorpio ascending shows through in all he does. A side. Drake’s Cancer zodiac sign, shown on the album’s impassioned second side, enables him to let his standards slip in songs that have evocative lunar components. The revelation of the birth of his hidden son, whose rising sign is Leo, underscores the importance of family for him.

What is Drake venus?

Since Venus is the ruler of love and beauty, she has control over all things romantic. Drake has a Venus in Scorpio, which means he is extremely people-oriented. His appearance, charisma, and ability to seduce are fundamental to who he is.

Although Venus is bolstered by the Moon, Scorpio, which may be stern and unyielding whenever about certain other planets, generally produces an odd and dulled appeal. With the Sun also in Scorpio and Venus in Scorpio’s third house, he has an alluring, magnetic personality.

What is the dramatic facet of the Ascendant in Leo of Drake’s birth chart?

The Sun, in Scorpio, rules his demeanor as the Ascendant is in Leo. The Leo Ascendant indicates a desire for the limelight. Scorpions already have a flair for the dramatic (though this is usually hidden), and this celestial indication just amplifies it.

Drake, whose Ascendant is in Leo, likes to show off his success by posting photos of his multiple tattoos and flexing his chest musculature on Instagram. Still, analysts think that Drake defies idealization.


1st House starts at 29°Leo 2nd House starts at 22° Virgo
3rd House starts at 19° Libra

(Containing Sun, Venus, and Pluto)

4th House starts at 23° Scorpio

(Containing Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus)

5th House starts at 28°Sagittarius

(Containing Neptune)

6th House starts at 1°Aquarius

(Containing Mars)

7th House starts at 29° Aquarius

(Containing Jupiter)

8th House starts at 22° Pisces
9th House starts at 19° Aries

(Containing North Node)

10th House starts at 23° Taurus

(Containing Chiron)

11th House starts at 28° Gemini

(Containing Moon)

12th House starts at 1°Leo

Other birth chart aspects of Drake

Their vulnerability should be admired as a form of mystical delicacy rather than a flaw to be addressed. Drake’s reluctance to discuss his romantic life publically is a reflection of the Scorpio sun and Cancer moon combination’s reverence for privacy and the sanctity of romantic partnerships. On the other hand, Drake’s natal chart was quite rare as it was not easy to just bring it up as some birth charts are unique that’s why they are rare.

Moon in Cancer, 11th house: he’s a sensitive soul. Having Mercury in Scorpio and 4th house focuses his mind and social life. Will and psychological inclinations are represented by the Sun in Scorpio and Third House. Actuarial Capacity (Mars in Aquarius, 6th House)

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