Donald Trump Birth Chart 

SUN IN Gemini


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 14 June 1946 – 10:54h
  • Birthplace: New York, New York
  • Country: US, United States
  • Age: 76 years


Biography Donald John Trump is a national politician from the United States. He has been born on 14,  June 1946, and he was the 45th President of the United States, serving between 2017 to 2021. . Before he started campaigning, he had a successful business background and appeared often on the broadcast. Donald J. Trump received his undergraduate education in finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968.

He went on to become a successful businessman. In 1971, he was promoted to the position of chief executive officer of the real estate company that his father, Fred Trump, had established and later renamed The Trump Organisation. Trump grew the business to include the construction and renovation of high-rises, villas, casino games, and even golf courses.

Subsequently, he ventured into new fields, largely through the sale of trademarks bearing his name. Between the years 2004 and 2015, he served as manager and co-producer of the NBC reality program The Apprentice. There have been more than 4,000 lawsuits filed against Trump and his companies at the state and federal levels, and six of them have been forced to close down.


Sun in 22° 55’Gemini Jupiter in 17° 27’Libra(r)
Moon in 21° 12’Sagittarius Saturn in 23° 48’Cancer
Mercury in 8° 51’Cancer Uranus in 17° 53’Gemini
Venus in 25° 44’Cancer Neptune in 5° 50’Libra(r)
Marsin26° 46’Leo Pluto in10° 2’Leo
North Nodein20° 45’Gemini(r) Chiron in 14° 54’Libra
Ascendant in 29° 56’Leo MCin24° 19’Taurus
Planets and its impact on Donald trump has a personality as unique as his horoscope’s permutations.

Everything there is about him, from his mobility to his looks, exudes power because of the extraordinary astrological configurations that were present at birth. According to his horoscope’s Vedic interpretation, he is not a man who will pass under the radar. His ascendant Mars is in Leo, which is dominated by the Sun, giving him a dominant, self-assured, and ambitious character as well as a willingness to take chances and explore new territory. Yet, when put together, his strengths are immense.

Trump has a long history of success as a business magnate and entrepreneur, and he is known for his ability to close deals without flinching. Both the Sun and Rahu, which together aspect the 4th house (real estate), and Mars, which rules the 4th house and is the karaka for land, are in favorable positions.

Mercury rules Trump’s second house of communication, but it’s located in Rahu’s nakshatra, lending him a fearless and quite often abrasive tone. However, with Jupiter in the second house, he can say astonishing things that turn out to be true. The placement of Rahu in the house of expression, together with the rising lord Sun, endows him with an uninhibited ability to express himself and a penchant for using highly divisive words.

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Meaning of Donald Trump Natal chart 

Aside from a favorable ascendant, the 10th, 2nd, and 11th houses in his astrology stand out as particularly potent indicators of his future prosperity and achievement. With the Sun (command) in Venus-ruled Taurus and Rahu (governance) in Aries, the 10th house of one’s career is dominated by the realm of government (luxuries).

The two together make him crave wealth, comfort, and extravagance. Venus represents the performing arts and theatre, while a prosperous Rahu brings recognition and achievement to the public eye. This stage of Rahu’s life began in 1998, which is consistent with his joining the political arena at that time as a member of the Reform party.

Trump became famous during the Rahu major time itself when he hosted NBC’s The Apprentice for ten years beginning in 2004. Once it concluded in November 2016, the Rahu major term cleared the stage for the next president.

2nd House – At the beginning of the data of benefic Jupiter, Donald Trump was sworn in as the president of the United States, beginning his four-year term. The benefic Jupiter is in Trump’s birth chart’s second house of money, where it is aspected favorably by Rahu in its exalted sign.

Saturn was migrating over Trump’s natal Moon in the 4th house, which governs the public and his popularity among the masses, when he was elected president, putting him in the second phase of Sade Sati.

With the lord of the house that rules over home and family located in the 10th from the 4th, it’s easy to see how members of his own family may play important roles in his government if he were to become president.

What does Donald Trump’s mars sign mean?

Mars represents our innate ought to strike out on our own and make our mark in the world. He has a fire personality because you are bold, fearless, and full of life.

What is the rising sign of Donald Trump and its meaning?

Ascending charts can be used to assess a person’s astrological characteristics, and Donald’s chart shows that Leo is his rising character. This describes his starting point for any endeavor and the perspective throughout which he evaluates himself.

What does Donald Trump Saturn mean?

Saturn, the restrictive planetary, in conjunction with the emotional lunar would suggest a reserved or negative temperament.

What are the dominant planets in Donald Trump’s natal chart?

Mars, Sun, and Venus are quite dominant and as we move in for houses then,
Houses 10, 11, and 12 are also on the top list in being dominant. Fire and Air elements are prominent in the natal chart.

What is Donald Trump’s astrological sign?

Gemini is Donald Trump’s zodiac sign. The zodiac sign of Gemini tends to get a bad rap. This air sign is represented by a pair of twins, which has led to negative connotations of being hypocritical and double-dealing. While it’s impossible to say for sure that Trump is infused with “evil twin energy,” he does display a classic Gemini trait: an unhealthy preoccupation with maintaining clear channels of communication

What is the moon sign of Donald trump?

Just looking at Trump’s astrology chart indicates that he was born during one of these lunations: His Sun is in Gemini, while his Moon is in Sagittarius. Greater characters often emerge among those born during catastrophes.

The astrological melodrama that is unfolding is only reflected in their astrological charts. Due to the placement of Trump’s Moon (representing his temperamental interior) in flamboyant Sagittarius, he enjoys stirring the pot and stirring up trouble.

What does Mars intersecting with Ascendant mean in Donald Trump’s chart?

It’s Donald Trump’s essence manifest in flesh. He becomes confident in his abilities and believes the urge to flaunt them. His pride is frequently wounded, making him argumentative and unfriendly. This antagonism in turn might provoke hostile responses from others, culminating in a group of adversaries.

Donald’s position is never in doubt. His great honesty and uprightness help him gain followers. He’s got a lot of sexytimes in him and may radiate physical allure in a tough, aggressive fashion. Professions in both business and politics, where he may pit his ego against others, are healthy avenues for his aggressive nature.


1st House starts at 29°Leo 7th House starts at 29° Aquarius
2nd House starts at 22° Virgo

(Containing Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron)

8th House starts at 22° Pisces
3rd House starts at 21° Libra 9th House starts at 21°Aries
4th House starts at 24° Scorpio

(Containing Moon)

10th House starts at 24° Taurus

(Containing Sun, Uranus, and North Node)

5th House starts at 29° Sagittarius 11th House starts at 29° Gemini

(Containing Mercury, Venus, and Saturn)

6th House starts at 1° Aquarius 12th House starts at 1° Leo

(Containing Mars and Pluto)

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Donald Trump

11th house –Mercury in his placard rules the 11th house of material wealth and personal goals. Trump will have an astonishing skill and drive to get what he wants, by hook or by fraud, according to the placement of this planet in Rahu’s zodiac.

On another hand, Melania Trump’s birth chart has a seesaw’s planetary configuration. Since her planetary configuration is asymmetrical, she can see all sides of an issue and find common ground while negotiating with those who hold contrasting views. This is one way in which her character resembles that of a Libra. Taurus is her astrological sign.

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