Doja Cat Natal Chart [Birth Chart]

SUN IN Sagittarius

doja cat natal chart


  • Born: October 21, 1995 (age 26 years), Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Full name: Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Dumisani Dlamini, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer
  • Nominations: Grammy Award for Album of the Year,


Doja Cat is a musician, composer, and music producer from the United States. She is recognized for her unique music style. She began recording music when she was young and released her debut album when she was 18.

Doja cat is very hardworking and belongs to a highly talented family. Her father is a famous actor and movie producer, while her mother is an artist.

Currently one of the most loving musicians in the US is Doja cat. She has a tremendous urge to empathize with people.


Sun in 27° 54 ‘Libra Uranus in 26° 37′ Capricorn
Moon in 27° 2′ Virgo Neptune in 22° 51′ Capricorn
Mercury in 9° 50′ Libra Pluto in 29° 15′ Scorpio
Venus in 14° 16′ Scorpio North Node in 26° 12′ Libra(r)
Mars in 0° 39′ Sagittarius Chiron in 6° 5′ Libra
Jupiter in 14° 1′ Sagittarius Ascendant in 29° 30′ Sagittarius
Saturn in 18° 48′ Pisces(r) MC in 17° 54′ Libra
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Doja Cat is a Libra astrological sign and alongside Aquarian and Gemini, is a member of the astrological Air element. Doja cat zodiac sign of Libra stands for a well-balanced outlook on life. Doja is a mediator since she is a Libra. She is naturally diplomatic, carefully selects her words, and makes an effort to connect with others by finding common ground.

Doja Cat has a deep sense of morality and wants to guarantee that everyone may speak up and be acknowledged. Doja Cat has the unique personality of an ENFP. Doja Cat places a high value on having sincere, emotional interactions with the ones she loves the most. She is welcoming and non-judgmental. Doja Cat is adaptable and loves to keep her choices open.

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Meaning of the Doja Cat birth chat

Doja cat rising sign is libra. Her Sun has closely squared Venus, which makes her extremely unconventional and independent. She is eager to defy expectations and be different. This can make her rash and unexpected, but it also gives her the power to reinvent life and muster the willpower to change her future. Her Moon also connects to Neptune, but this time in conjunction. This encourages her to be unique, creative, and independent even more.

Her inner existence has a mystical element thanks to the Planet’s trinity with Venus, which also encourages her to enjoy the professions and high rates of inventiveness. This could also lead to a kind of deception and fantasy that she navigates through in daily existence, but fortunately, with her Moon’s placement in Libra, she can occasionally discover a sense of stability.

Doja cat birthday Sun is also conjunct her Capricorn, giving her vigor and strength. However, this placement can also lead to an extreme amount of egotism, passion, and indulgence. She has a brilliant disposition by nature but needs to develop restraint.

Which type of Enneagram is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat has Sixth wings and is an Enneagram 7th personality type. Along with Fives and Sixes, Archetype Sevens belongs to the brain center and typically base their conclusions on analyses. Doja Cat aims to comprehend before moving on. Sevens on the Enneagram place a high priority on intellectual connections with people and enjoy feeling in charge.

Doja Cat, an Enneagram Seven, is adaptable, inquisitive, and upbeat. She approaches life with enthusiasm and future thinking. Sevens on the Enneagram are curious and look for new situations to keep them amused. Doja Cat is a quick learner that can easily pick up new abilities and take in new knowledge.

What is the mercury sign of Doja Cats?

It’s no surprise that Libra is Mercury’s sign for Doja Cat. What this means for her speech pattern is that she has a generally upbeat frame of mind and a robust yearning for human contact. 

What is the venus sign of Doja cats?

A Scorpio Venus is a good match for Doja Cat. This ties into her artistic sensibilities, morals, and even her amorous nature. Because of this, she approaches intimate relationships with a high degree of intensity, enthusiasm, and even ferocity. 

What is the mars sign of doja cats?

Sagittarius is Doja Cat’s Mars house. This is related to her desire for sexual encounters and her attitude toward exercising authority. This gives her an appetite for exploration, exploration, and adventure, and makes her yearn for the wide road.

What is the rising sign of Doja cats?

Doja Cat Has a Rising in Libra (or ascendant). People of this type are universally admired for their natural elegance, stunning good looks, and quiet, refined poise. Libras, who fall under Venus’s sway, express themselves via beauty and harmony in their personal and professional lives.

What are Doja Cat’s big 3?

Both the Rising sign and Zodiac of Doja Cat are Libra. Virgo is the moon sign of doja cat. Her natural ego, character, and the way she portrays herself to the outside world are all tied to this Air sign. She is a very friendly person who frequently invests a lot of herself in her connections, whether they be romantic, business-related, or otherwise.

Mars rules the Libra Sun and Capricorn, which makes them attracted to peace and attractiveness. She has excellent taste and a strong desire for wealth, love, enjoyment, and the arts. Doja cat birth nakshatra is Uttara Phalguni.

What are the important Predictions and Transits for Doja Cat?

2021 is a key year for making estimations for Doja Cat for several reasons. First, Jupiter, the planet of growth and joy, will spend a lot of time in her birth quarter, which is associated with creativity and fertility.

She will be followed by love, creativity, exploration, amusement, and pleasure. Even more intensely, she will also experience prophesied eclipses in her Ascending and Lineage sector of partnerships in 2024 and 2024 as a result of her natal planets.

As she strives to accept a whole new version of herself and enter this new chapter of her life, this demonstrates how fate will twist the route in front of her. There will also be significant relationship-related turning moments in both work and love. Doja cat and cardi b’s birth charts both have the libra zodiac sign.


1st House starts at 29° Sagittarius (Containing Uranus and Neptune) 7th House starts at 29° Gemini
2nd House starts at 5° Aquarius 8th House starts at 5° Leo
3rd House starts at 13° Pisces (Containing Saturn) 9th House starts at 13° Virgo (Containing Moon, Mercury, and Chiron)
4th House starts at 17° Aries 10th House starts at 17° Libra (Containing Sun, Venus, and North Node)
5th House starts at 15° Taurus 11th House starts at 15° Scorpio (Containing Mars and Pluto)
6th House starts at 7° Gemini 12th House starts at 7° Sagittarius  (Containing Jupiter)

Other Birth chart aspects of Jin

Her kindness and sympathy offer a comfortable atmosphere for others to connect and communicate their goals, and ENFPs adore these types of chats. She also has a creative nature and is flexible. The structure is generally avoided by ENFPs, and they may struggle with being unorganized or delayed. Doja Cat is inventive and consistently has great ideas. However, she occasionally runs out of energy before finishing her efforts.

She has a strong desire for status and purpose because her Sun is opposing her Uranus. She is incredibly determined and has limitless reserves of stamina and ability to achieve her goals. However, she can also be extremely fiery-tempered and will destroy anything to the ground if they offend her. Doja’s cat birth chart and Megan thee stallion birth chart have too many similarities.

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