Angelina Jolie Birth Chart

SUN IN Gemini

Angelina Jolie Birth Chart


  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 4 June 1975 – 09:09h
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
  • Country: US, United States
  • Age: 47 years


American actress, filmmaker, playwright, and novelist Angelina Jolie born June 4, 1975, and birth time is 9:09 am, is a member of the Voight family. IShe is the recipient of an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, and was listed by Forbes as one of the three leading performers in Hollywood in 2009, 2011, and 2013.

Jolie is extensively engaged in a variety of charitable initiatives, and she now serves as a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Previously, she served in the role of Goodwill Ambassador (UNHCR).

The combined number of Jolie and Pitt’s children is six. Jolie made her acting debut in Lookin’ to Get Out (1982) opposite her father, Jon Voight. A decade later, in the low-budget project Cyborg 2 (1993), she landed her first significant film role (1995).


Sunin13° 25’Gemini Jupiter in 17° 25’Aries
Moon in 13° 4’Aries Saturn in 17° 23’Cancer
Mercury 22° 19 Gemini(r) Uranus in 28° 47 ‘Libra(r)
Venus 28° 9’Cancer Neptune in 10° 20’Sagittarius(r)
Mars in 10° 42’Aries Pluto in 6° 31’Libra(r)
North Node in 0° 24’Sagittarius(r) Chiron in 26° 46’Aries
Ascendant in 28° 53’Cancer MCin17° 52’Aries
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Angelina’s birth sign is  Cancer Ascendant Gemini, making her moody and unpredictable. Jupiter seems to be almost precisely conjunct the Midheaven, while Venus is almost exactly rising in Cancer, making a block to Uranus. Her Mars is also in Aries, making her moon sign Aries. Her planet Mercury is in Gemini.

Despite her notorious claim that she “never saw herself as a mother,” she was destined to become a mother thanks to the placement of her Cancer ascendant and the North Node (or “destiny”) in the second house of reproduction. Jolie has solidified the loving, motherly qualities of the Cancerian energy that has always been a part of her identity.

Her Gemini sun makes her curious and restless, while her Aries moon keeps her feeling like a playful, rambunctious kid no matter how old she gets.

What does Angelina Jolie’s Jupiter sign mean?

In horoscopes, Jupiter is the planet associated with good fortune, prosperity, and success. When powerful natal stars are stimulated, good fortune is assured. However, a passage authorization is not required.

What is the rising sign of Angelina’s Jolie?

Angelina Jolie’s Navamsa chart shows that she was born under the sign of Leo the Lion. Angelina Jolie’s Navamsha Chart has Venus on the rising.

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Meaning of Angelina Jolie’s birth chart

Venus, which is in Cancer, is very closely parallel to the Ascendant in Angelina’s planetary alignments, and Jupiter, which is in Aries, is only half a degree from the Midheaven. Her Sun in Gemini, ruler of her eleventh house, is square to Neptune on her Anti-Vertex.

As a bonus, it forms a sextile with her potent Moon conjunct Mars in Aries. Venus in Cancer on the Ascendant, strongly square Uranus, may summarise Angelina’s reputation for being unconventional and sensual. Her confidence with firearms and cutlery may stem from the fact that her Moon is conjunct Mars in Aries, which is opposing Pluto.

With Mercury transit in sensitive Cancer, she may have felt misinterpreted. People born with Mercury in retrograde are typically labeled “quirky” because of their out-of-the-ordinary perspectives.

Detail of planets in Angelina Jolie’s natal chart?

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Pisces, Mars in Pisces, Venus in Cancer, Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Gemini; these is the planetary placements at Angelina Jolie’s birth.

What does Saturn mean in Angelina Jolie’s birth chart?

It is believed that people living on this planet will be patient, stable, reliable, persistent, and hardworking if they have learned from the solar system’s past mistakes. As well as its educational role, Saturn is also well-known for the promise it enforces.

What is Angelina Jolie’s Venus sign?

The Moon is in Pisces in, The Sun is in Taurus, Mars is in Pisces, Mercury is in Taurus, Venus is in Cancer, Jupiter is in Pisces, and Saturn is in Gemini. First of all, Venus is at 28 degrees Cancer in her horoscope.

Her Apex is likewise at 28 degrees Cancer, making this degree parallel to her natal Moon. Affection, lust, passion, and sensuality are all attributes of Venus. Elegance, grace, and attractiveness are also associated with Venus. This aura is decidedly feminine.

What does it mean when  Angelina Jolie’s Moon Sign conjugates Mars?

Angelina Jolie’s Moon Sign is Pisces. According to astrology, a person is born under the sign of Pisces if the moon was in the sign of Pisces when they were born. This facet portends enthusiastic, aggressive, and passionate (Mars) internal feelings (Moon). Since the Moon controls our moods, it also controls our perception of emotional safety.

Will and action are important to Mars. When put collectively, it represents behavior motivated by internal states. Furthermore, the same is true for the opposite. Especially when this conjunction is in bold and confident Aries.

  • There won’t be much of an external effect from this lunar conjunction.
  • This is due to the placement of the Moon intersecting Mars in Jolie’s 9th house.

What does Angelina Jolie’s natal chart indicate about elements?

A.J Angelina Jolie’s birth chart analysis tells us that it has a strong fire element, which gives you a keen mind, boundless vitality, undying optimism, and boundless optimism. You have a propensity to be enthusiastic, strong-willed, and proactive; you never give up on your aspirations and goals, no matter the obstacles in your path.

The inability to take a step back or an overconfident sense of self are the comparative weaknesses of this factor. Your horoscope has a significantly lower percentage of earth properties (0.00%) than the median (25.0%).

You don’t care about the things that are precious to you if you find yourself deficient in the material world. You probably put too much stock in your emotions, thoughts, and maybe even passion.


1st House starts at 28° Cancer

(Containing Venus)

7th House starts at 28° Capricorn
2nd House Starts at 20°Leo 8th House starts at 20°Aquarius
3rd House starts at 16° Virgo

(Containing Pluto)

9th House starts at 16° Pisces

(Containing Moon and Mars)

4th House starts at 17° Libra

(Containing Uranus)

10th House starts at 17° Aries

(Containing Jupiter and Chiron)

5th House starts at 23°Scorpio

(Containing Neptune and North Node)

11th House starts at 23° Taurus

(Containing Sun and Mercury)

6th House starts at 28°Sagittarius 12th House starts at 28°Gemini

(Containing Saturn)

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Angelina Jolie

Jolie manages to captivate us because, despite the divine image she has carefully cultivated via her decision of parts through the years, she is the perfect example of a human being who just desires to be free. Since Pitt, her third husband, is a Sagittarius, it is obvious that she has a penchant for those born under the sign of fire. Brad Pitt and Angelina’s birth chart explain that   An all-out conflict can break out in a connection between two fire signs if the intensity of the agony becomes more devastating than attractive.

Her Venus square Uranus is striking not just because it is a close aspect but also because Venus is located on the horizon. In addition, the halfway of Venus and Uranus are square to her Sun, making her a strong identifier with Venus-Uranus tendencies. When Venus is square Uranus, it indicates a preference for alternative companions and relationships.

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