What’s My Sun Sign? [By Date of Birth]

How is this calculator used?

  • Simply enter your details into the input fields to find out what solar sign you were born under.    Some calculators require the exact time and place of birth for more detailed information.
  • Some calculators are without time but they are less efficient because celestial bodies change their position every few minutes.

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What is the Sun sign?

Sun sign horoscope, the type of astrology most frequently encountered in the newspaper and magazine sections, is a superstition. It has been proved through scientifically rigorous inquiry that its theoretical foundation and experimental validation of assertions have no scientific validity or explanatory power.

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What is the impact of the Sun sign on people?

You can discover a great deal about oneself via the study of astrology, rendering it a fantastic resource for personality and uncovering some latent abilities, even if you only know your sun sign and not your born period (which reveals your rising symbol and house configurations).

What is a sun sign calculator?

To make it easier, now the sun sign calculator app is available on the phone. A person’s Sun Symbol must be determined precisely if, for instance, they were born just on the border between two constellations. A Sun Sign Calculator by date of birth might assist you in this situation.

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Sun signs :


An People with the Sun in Capricorn has a strong, central focus that defines their entire demeanor. Capricorn sun means that you are responsible and concerned for your financial situation. Capricorn, an Earth element, values the sensory experiences afforded by the world around them. Zodiac signs are associated with taking initiative.

Some Capricorns have a strong urge, expressed in somewhat earthy ways, to explore the metaphysical depths of existence.

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People whose Suns are in Aquarius are often told they are unique because of the sign’s radical differences from the others. Because of this, they might be quirky and full of life as they battle for independence, or they can be reserved and silent as they suppress their true feelings. In both circumstances, the protagonists are extremely perceptive, bright, and passionate idealists.

The intellectual realm of this zodiac sign is a good suit for those who are frank, communicative, imaginative, and eager to take risks. Since they embody the very concept of resistance, they may have difficulty getting along with People from other symbols if they feel like their independence is being threatened.

There are lists of Sun signs except the two mentioned above and their impact on the personality.

Other types of calculators

There are a variety of calculators available online that calculate a variety of aspects of a birth chart and there are better versions of different calculators. For example, sun calculators used in the UK are better than others.  In addition to the sun sign calculator, there are moon sign calculators, rising moon calculators, sun and moon calculators, and rising moon and sun calculators.

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