Navamsa Chart [D9 Calculator & Predictions]

How to use this Navamsa Chart?

Using this Navamsa Chart you can find exactly what you are looking for. This is a Free generator that gives you the report based on the details you give it. Make sure you check out the Navamsa Chart, Venus in the 7th house, predictions, and for marriage interpretation below the calculator.

  • Navamsa Chart also known as the D9 chart is one of the most important Vedic astrological charts.
  • It helps us understand the finer and subtler aspects of our lives.
  • Especially when it comes to marriage, relationships, and spiritual development.

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What is Navamsa Chart?

Navamsa is one of the most important charts in Vedic astrology and is also called the D9 chart. It’s the chart of the zodiac, which is divided into 12 different signs. Each sign is divided into 9 equal parts, each 3 degrees apart and each 20 minutes apart. To make the Navamsa chart, you need to move the planets in your main birth chart, which is called the Rasi Chart, into the right Navamsa sign. It’s essential for marriage and partnerships because it gives you a better understanding of your partner’s qualities and characteristics, how relationships work, and if they’re going to be good or bad.

How does this Navamsa Chart work?

Navamsa Chart is constructed by dividing each zodiac sign into nine equal sections, resulting in 108 Navamsa Divisions. Planet Positions are converted into corresponding Navamsa Signs by translating the positions of planets in the Rasi Chart into the Navamsa Signs. Navamsa charts are particularly important for marriage and relationship matters.

How is Navamsa different from the birth chart?

Navamsa and Rasi charts are distinct components of Vedic astrology, which are used to gain insight into a person’s life. The Rasi chart is the primary birth chart and is composed of the positions of various planets at the precise time and location of the person’s birth. This chart provides a comprehensive overview of a person’s life, including their career, physical health, family, financial situation, and more.

How to read the Navamsa chart for marriage?

Navamsa is a book that helps you understand the signs of marriage. It looks at the 7th house, its lord, where the planets are in the chart, and how the planets interact with each other. You need to find out where the 7th house is in the chart and who the 7th house lord is. You also need to check if any of the planets are strong or weak in the chart.

Which chart is more important Lagna or Navamsa?

Both the Lagna and Navamsa charts are important in Vedic astrology, but they have different meanings and help you get a better understanding of your life. Each one has its meaning and helps you make a better analysis. The Lagna is the most important birth chart in Vedic natal astrology. It’s where the planets are at the time and place of your birth.