D81 Chart Calculator (Shatakavarga Chart)

How to use this D81 Chart Calculator?

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What is the D81 Chart Calculator?

The D81 is a chart used in Vedic astrology to determine the hidden fortune of a person. It is one of the divisional vedic charts used to study different aspects of a person’s life. The D81, also known as Shastyamsa, is a chart to study a person’s hidden fortune.

The chart is divided into 81 equal parts of the zodiac. Each part of the zodiac is assigned to a house in the chart. The D81 can be used to find the hidden potential of a person that is not visible in his birth chart.

How does this D81 Chart Calculator work?

D81 is a chart used in Vedic astrology. It is part of divisional charts used to study different aspects of a person’s life. The D81 is also called shastyamsa or hidden fortune chart. The chart is used to calculate the hidden fortune of a person. Each zodiac sign has 81 equal parts.

How do you read a D8 chart?

The ‘Ashtamsha’ D8 (‘8 sections’ refers to major difficulties and crises in your chart, including the death of loved ones. The ‘Bhamsha’ D27 (‘27 sections’) refers to general vitality and the capacity to rise to the challenge.

What is the most important divisional chart?

The Shadashvarga Scheme is the most important of the 4 divisional chart schemes. The meanings ruled by the divisional charts in the scheme are as follows: Rashi / Natal Chart (D-1)- The foundation of all the divisional charts and the first clue of every aspect of life.

How to calculate the Navamsa chart manually?

Each Rashi has 30 degrees, which is divided by 9 to get the Navamsa division. So each Navamsa has 3 degrees for 20 minutes. To get Navamsa for 12 rashes, multiply 12 by 9 to get 108 Navamsas. Navamsa is calculated like this.