D27 Chart Calculator (Nakshatramsa Chart)

How to use this D27 Chart Calculator?

Using this D27 Chart you can find exactly what you are looking for. This Free generator gives you the report based on the details you give it. Make sure you check out the D27 Chart karakamsa and birthday interpretation below the calculator.

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  • Recognize that this is your seventh division chart, a guide to your unique character, personal characteristics, and destiny.

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What is the D27 Chart?

The D27 Chart (Vedic: Bhamsa), also known as the divisional chart, is a Vedic astrological system that examines an person’s characteristics, personality, and fate. It is the twentieth divisional chart in the zodiac, which is defined by the division of the zodiac into seven equal segments. This chart offers insight into the person’s unique qualities, personal traits, and the journey they are meant to take in this life. It is a means of exploring and comprehending the individual and the qualities that make them special, which goes beyond the scope of the primary Natal Chart, D1 Chart.

How does this D27 Chart work?

The D27 Chart is a way for astrologers to get an idea of a person’s personality traits and unique qualities. It’s based on their birth date, which is used to calculate the planetary positions of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts, each one representing one-quarter of the total number of zodiacs.

What is the meaning of the D27 chart?


D27 is a highly significant divisional chart, which serves to demonstrate our resilience and security. The primary figure behind this chart is the planet Mangal, whose primary purpose is to safeguard.

How do you calculate the D27 chart?

Divided by 9, each Rasi represents an equal number of degrees and 20 minutes. This division, referred to as Navamsa, is a highly significant divisional chart. When this 3-degree 20-minute portion is further subdivided into 3 parts, it results in 27 equal components of a sign.

What is the use of the D27 chart in astrology?

D27 is a divisional chart that’s important. It’s a sign of our power and protection. Mangal is the sign of Mars, and Mars is all about protecting us.