Saturn Sign Tables (Find Your Saturn)

Every cosmic rock has its say about your vibe, and then there’s Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster. This planet spills the deets on responsibilities, challenges, and how you handle the grown-up stuff.

Saturn Sign Tables

How to Find Your Saturn Sign?

If decoding star maps isn’t your jam, no biggie. Peep the table below for your Saturn lowdown. For instance, if you’re curious about someone born on June 10th, 1988, Saturn rolled into Capricorn on February 14th, 1988, and hung out until May 6th, 1988. So, a June 10th, 1988er is rocking the Saturn vibes of Capricorn. Times given are ET. For the scoop on Saturn in the signs, hit up our Saturn in the Signs article.

What zodiac signs are in Saturn?

Saturn, the life coach of the cosmos, claimed the territory flanking Capricorn and Aquarius. It’s the cool guardian, keeping it real with the duo of (Aquarius and Capricorn).

Is Saturn good or bad in astrology?

Saturn, the cosmic professor in Vedic Astrology lingo, is the tough love mentor. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns; it’s about life lessons, discipline, and building character. Think of it as the wise sage nudging you to level up.