Rising Sign Tables & Calculator (Find Your Rising)

Every cosmic player has its groove, and then there’s the Rising Sign, your cosmic first impression. It spills the cosmic beans on how you come across, your vibe, and the face you put on.

Rising Sign Tables

How to Find Your Rising Sign?

If star maps sound like a foreign language, relax. Check the table below for your Rising Sign scoop. For example, if you’re curious about someone born on April 8th, 1995, the Rising Sign kicked off in Leo on April 2nd, 1995, and switched to Virgo on April 27th, 1995. So, an April 8th, 1995er is rocking the Rising Sign vibes of Leo. Times given are ET. For the lowdown on Rising Sign in the signs, check out our Rising Sign in the Signs article.

What zodiac signs are in the Rising Sign?

The Rising Sign, the cosmic first impression, snagged the signs flanking Virgo and Leo (that’s Libra and Cancer). It’s the astrological selfie, sharing vibes with the duo (Libra and Cancer).

Is the Rising Sign good or bad in astrology?

The Rising Sign, the cosmic curtain in Vedic Astrology lingo, is the astrological first handshake. It’s not just a façade; it’s about your outer self, appearance, and initial vibes. Think of it as your cosmic calling card, setting the stage for the real you.