5 Most Rarest Rising Signs (Least Common)

When it comes to understanding the personalities and interests of a person, it is known that the rising signs play a huge role in portraying their personality. The birth time and date of a person make the rising sign of that person. The ascending or rising times of signs are very different from each other in different time zones. Some signs rarely get their ascending time in some areas which makes them special.

The rarest sun signs are proven to be full of unique energy and are intellectually smarter than others. Just like that, the rarest signs are very few and you will find everything about those signs in this article. The rarest signs like Aries, Pisces, and Aquarius are also some of the most powerful ascendant signs. Let’s find out the details about these unique and powerful signs.

Most Rarest Rising Signs


In some continents, the rising time of Aries is unique and least frequent appearance. The personality that people having it is as an ascendant sign is unique and intellectually smart. They always have something in their personality that separates them from others.

The rising time of Aries is very short and the people born in that time are somewhat emotionally sensitive and feel the need to make a change around them in an unrealistic way.


Pisces is also one of the most rarest signs and the personality traits of people born in that time are exceptionally smart and mature. This type of uniqueness in them is extraordinary and might not be very common in a lot of people.

The stability and maturity of their personality and how they can control their lives and their mental health are impressive and unique qualities. Pisces is also the rarest moon sign as well and not many people get to have it as their moon sign.


People having Aquarius as their rising sign is very uncommon. Because the period of Aquarius and its rising is very low. And you might be a unique one if Aquarius is your rising sign which is a great thing because their personality traits are exceptionally unique, emotionally smart, and a kind soul. Aquarius rising sign is uncommon and rare but not rarer than Pisces and Aries.

What are the luckiest rising signs?

Aries and Sagittarius are the luckiest and strongest rising signs out of all in terms of personality traits. Having 80s as the ascendant sign is very unique and uncommon. However, there is no such thing as the worst rising sign or luckiest because the signs are only capable of influencing personality traits and appearance.

How do I calculate my rising sign?

The process of calculating your rising sign is by knowing the exact date and time of birth. Once you know the details of your birth time you can check your rising sign with the help of different websites that provide a rising sign calculator. This can help you in finding your rising sign accurately.

After you go through the calculation method with the help of birth time information and the availability of a calculator, you will get the results in no time.

Which rising signs are common in terms of beauty?

Libra and Taurus are two rising signs that carry the traits of grace and beauty. People who have Libra or Taurus as their rising sign are the most beautiful. These rising signs are also the most common rising sign in models and this confirms and proves that the rising signs have a lot of influence on the outer appearance of a person.

Which are the rarest sun signs?

The three rarest sun signs are Capricorn, Aries, and Aquarius. They are known to carry unique characteristics and traits for the people who are born having these as their sun signs.

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