What Is The Most Hated Zodiac Sign? [Ranked 2024]

There are 12 different zodiac symbols, and every symbol has its particular unique set of qualities, aspirations, and perspective on the existence and other people, as well as its unique set of advantages and flaws. By analyzing the prediction of the location of the constellations, as well as the Sun and the Moon, on the Celestial sphere at the time of delivery.

Astrology can provide insight into a human’s fundamental traits, as well as their inclinations, weaknesses, and anxieties. Every one of the zodiac’s twelve phases is associated with one of the four classical components: air, fire, water, and earth. These components stand for a fundamental kind of vitality that is inherent in every one of us.

Astrology’s primary goals are to assist us in channeling these energies into the constructive elements of our lives, to improve our awareness of our possibilities and the good qualities that define us, and to assist us in overcoming the challenges posed by our unfavorable characteristics. And each of these signs is ranked from best to the most hated zodiac sign poll.

Most Hated Zodiac Signs


The rudest of the bunch, Virgos are the dumbest of the bunch. Their forthrightness has the potential to make you feel utterly helpless on occasion. They won’t think twice about betraying you or getting their payback on you in some other way. If you harm them even once, they will have a grudge against you for the rest of your existence, and it will be someone’s responsibility to make amends.

Even if they haven’t accomplished anything to them, they may nevertheless act in ways that you can’t even begin to fathom being malicious because of their jealousy. When dealing with a Virgo, it is best to keep your confidence and vulnerabilities to yourself. You never realize when you could turn a Virgo into an adversary, and if that happens, you never know what information they will have at their disposal to leverage over you. And this is the most hated zodiac sign according to Reddit.


Pisces has the potential to be a lifelong adversary for you. Sometimes, he or she could perhaps be so wicked that they won’t allow you to get away from them at all. They frequently include unfavorable thoughts and sentiments. The darkest aspects of their personalities include rivalry, wrath, aggressiveness, and destruction.

Whenever it pertains to its protection, or to be more accurate, when it refers to their gain, they are prone to telling massive lies. They have a thirst for vengeance and are a basket full of lies and treachery. You should never anticipate a Pisces to be faithful to you, but even if they are, you should prepare yourself for grief and sorrow if you do. Hence it proves that Pisces is the most hated zodiac sign.


These folks that keep to themselves are some of the biggest scammers and bad seeds in the world. Their wickedness has the potential to cause you to wince at moments. If people love you, then you have nothing to worry about.

In such a case, you should make the decision that you are going to experience their seedy aspect, and you should be prepared to discover just how low they will go whenever it refers to exacting retribution. These are the worst when it concerns their hostility and their self-centeredness. This sign comes the third place in the hated zodiac sign in order.


For the fourth most hated zodiac sign list comes Leo. When they show the dark nature, Leos will leave you wishing you hadn’t wasted your time getting to know them in the first place. They would do everything in their power to help you repent holding any aspirations at all, even the possibility that they could show you any compassion.

Although the primary reason is that they desire to impart to you knowledge that will remain behind you for the rest of your life and ensure that you will don’t ever commit identical errors twice, this is not the only one.


A common misconception about Scorpios is that they are harsh critics and unfeeling people. This water symbol is not frightened to be unpleasant since it is controlled by Mars, which is the planet of aggressiveness. They have the typical Scorpio attitude of being pessimistic and seeing the world through the lens of the glass being only half full.

They may whine a lot, which might ruin the atmosphere and pull everyone else depressed with their pessimistic outlook. Nonetheless, for Scorpios, just focusing on the bad aspects of a circumstance is not sufficient.

They may hunt and find faults in someone’s plans or concepts to provoke that individual into a fight by baiting them with criticism. There is nothing such an issue as a straightforward argument when it comes to this symbol; for Scorpios, it’s either their method or the freeway.

What are the most common reasons to hate these signs?

Some of the most common reasons are that these sign holders are very aggressive and selfish as well, they don’t have feelings for anyone and never show love towards others except that they spread hate and negativity. The most hated zodiac signs are ranked as more than the worst. These people just focus on themselves and search for their advantage in anything they do.

They show zero interest in your activities but expect a lot in return. Making you feel uncomfortable and incomplete is what they master, they try to uphold you and make your work according to themselves. Once they have got to know your weaknesses they are going to hunt you down for your entire lifetime.

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