Mars Sign Tables & Calculator (Find Your Mars)

Every celestial body vibes with a specific part of who you are and how you roll through life. Check out Mars, the planet of energy, action, and, well, you know… sex. It spills the beans on your sexuality, energy levels, what sets your soul on fire, and how you handle anger and aggression.

Mars Sign Tables

How to Find Your Mars Sign?

If you don’t have your natal chart, or charts make your head spin, no worries. Find your Mars sign in the table below. For example, if you want the Mars lowdown for October 14th, 1976, Mars set foot in Scorpio on October 8th, 1976, and danced into Sagittarius on November 20th, 1976. So, if you’re an October 14th, 1976er, your Mars is vibing with Scorpio. Times given are ET. To decode Mars in the signs, scope our Mars in the Signs article.

What zodiac signs are in Mars?

Jupiter, playing the ‘I’m next’ game, grabbed the signs flanking Aquarius and Capricorn (that’s Pisces and Sagittarius). Mars, the cool neighbor, snagged the next duo (Aries and Scorpio).

Is Mars good or bad in astrology?

Mars, aka Mangal in Vedic Astrology, takes the crown as a cosmic troublemaker. It’s a cosmic heavyweight, chilling as the fourth planet from the Sun, earning its nickname, the ‘Red Planet’ with its fiery nighttime glow.