Jupiter Sign Tables & Calculator (Find Your Jupiter)

Every cosmic player has its groove, and here comes Jupiter, the cosmic party planner. This planet spills the beans on how you expand, dream big, and find your joy.

Jupiter Sign Tables

How to Find Your Jupiter Sign?

If star maps aren’t your vibe, no stress. Check the table below for your Jupiter jam. For instance, if you’re curious about someone born on September 3rd, 1995, Jupiter rolled into Sagittarius on August 20th, 1995, and shifted to Capricorn on November 9th, 1995. So, a September 3rd, 1995er is riding the Jupiter waves of Sagittarius. Times given are ET. For the scoop on Jupiter in the signs, hit up our Jupiter in the Signs article.

What zodiac signs are in Jupiter?

Jupiter, the cosmic optimist, grabbed the signs on either side of Aquarius and Capricorn (that’s Pisces and Sagittarius). It’s the cool mentor, sharing vibes with the duo (Pisces and Sagittarius).

Is Jupiter good or bad in astrology?

Jupiter, the cosmic cheerleader in Vedic Astrology slang, is the eternal optimist. It’s not just a planet; it’s the bringer of luck, expansion, and good vibes. Think of it as your celestial hype-person, pushing you to reach for the stars.