Taehyung Birth Chart

SUN IN Capricorn

Taehyung Birth Chart


  • Date of Birth: 30 December 1995
  • Country: South Korea
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26 years


Kim Taehyung or the world knows him by his Stage Name “V”. Taehyung has won the title of most handsome man all over the world in 2020. He was 25 years old. He is a Koren vocalist, musician, record maker, and entertainer. Starting around 20242, he has 6.2 Million.

He has no Id on Twitter or some other informal community application yet.


Sun in 28° 29’Leo Uranus in 5° 38’Capricorn(r)
Moon in 18° 90’Virgo Neptune in 20° 77’Capricorn(r)
Mercury in 81° 64’Virgo Pluto in 23° 49’Scorpio
Venus in 9° 55’Leo North Node in 8° 37’Aquarius(r)
Mars in 94° 59’Taurus Chiron in 29° 84’Cancer
Jupiter in 18 83’Leo Ascendant in 12° 77’Sagittarius
Saturn in 48° 73’Capricorn(r) MC in 39° 92’Virgo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

As you all know Taehyung is a very renowned singer. The planets according to their birth date are very important for their growth. Taehyung is a Jupiter individual who develops powerlessly. More youthful Taehyung is something else entirely than current-day Taehyung. In many of his interviews, he discusses how he has changed.

He has turned into an introvert. He has started living in isolation and has stopped socializing. He needed to eat in extravagant cafés and wear expensive clothes. Taehyung was brought into the world with Jupiter simply under his eastern skyline in Sagittarius. He knows how to wear nobility in style. Taehyung has figured out how to develop through misfortune.

As there is the peregrine Sun and Moon, neither ready to demonstrate presence where in the world this individual came from. Also, there is the Moon, burdened with its south hub, controlled by a magnified Mars. As in his birth charts, he was born during the day. Saturn is heavier for Taehyung.

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Meaning of the Taehyung Birth Chart 

The astrological portrait of Taehyung is very important for his life and career. This makes Taehyung a Scorpio Ascendant and Pisces Moon with Ketu. The first house is from Pisces and the fifth is from the moon. This shows how Taehyung is attractive with the capacity to go from charming to a hot figure. Also, the natal chart of Taehyung shows that he has major areas of strength which others can’t avoid.

The Sun, Mars, and Jupiter in Sagittarius are second from Pisces and tenth from the moon. This shows that he has a sparkling public persona. Also, he has a profound voice that grabs the audience’s attention towards him.

The horoscope shows the values encountered over material things by Taehyung. Saturn in Aquarius and forth from Pisces, twelfth from the moon. It shows that Taehyung has areas of strength and is keen on a way of thinking and trendy reasoning.

What is the height and weight of Taehyung? 

The height of Kim Taehyung is 5’10. Although his weight is 62 kg. As he is very conscious about his weight, he maintains a healthy lifestyle. Also, Kim Teahyung is just on Instagram where he has a huge fan following and he knows his fans by his story and posts videos on his Instagram account.

What do the planets mean to Kim Taehyung?

To put it simply, Kim Taehyung creates art. Stars represent fundamental aspects of human character, whereas signs represent varying degrees of awareness. The option to use relative to the sun’s astronomical coordinates has been activated.

What is Taehyung ascendant?

Individual personalities can often be deduced from their natal, or ascending, symbol. As a Saggitarius, Kim Taehyung is a person born under this zodiac. Because of this, he tends to be outgoing and enjoys social situations.

What is Taehyung’s rising sign?

There is more at play than just one’s sun and moon signs when determining personality. It is common practice to attribute a user’s interpersonal behavior to their ascending, often known as their rising symbol. Kim Taehyung has the Aries rising.

How do you describe Taehyung?

Whenever he’s in a performance or a short film, he transforms into charming, gorgeous, famous, attractive, and beautiful.

What is Taehyung’s net worth? 

Initially, when Taehyung started working he was not paid enough. But as people got to know him and he got very famous because of the hard work he got paid according to his efforts. Now he earns a huge amount which he never discloses but through various sources, we have found out that his actual net worth of Taehyung is 20 million.

What is the Rise to Stardom of Taehyung? 

Taehyung Rise got fame when he sang the song ‘Old School Love ft. Ed Sheeran’ as his hobby and uploaded it on Suncloud. Later, BTS V self-created numerous tunes, for example, ‘Hold Me Tight’ and co-made ‘Fun Boyz.’ Jungkook helped a lot in making the tunes. He also received many awards which include Gaon Chart K-pop Awards, Golden Disk Awards, and the Seoul Music Awards.


1st House starts at 19° Scorpio 7th House starts at 20° Taurus
2nd House starts at 30° Capricorn 8th House starts at 50°Cancer
3rd House starts at 28° Aquarius 9th House starts at 38°Leo
4th House starts at 10° Pisces 10th House starts at 25° Virgo
5th House starts at 45° Aries 11th House starts at 65° Libra
6th House starts at 29° Taurus 12th House starts at 39° Scorpio

Other Birth chart aspects of Taehyung 

Taehyung is among the most famous and renowned musicians. He is a skilled and attractive vocalist and is managed by Taurus and Venus which gives him health. Being a Capricorn, he is extremely aggressive. He is likewise emphatically impacted by Aquarius which makes him a trendsetter and innovator.

The fire sign Sagittarius is additionally there in the birth chart which is connected with his unique disposition towards life. Throughout his life, nothing can stop BTS V otherwise known as Kim Taehyung from pursuing his fantasies. He will accomplish achievement because of his determined and versatile nature. He is a piece impacted by Pluto which has favored him with solid instinct.