Shahrukh Khan Birth Chart

SUN IN Scorpio


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 2 November 1965 – 06:25h
  • Birthplace: New Delhi
  • Country: India
  • Age: 56 years


Shahrukh Khan is an Indian artist, filmmaker, and tv personality who acts in Hindi-language movies. In 1993, he debuted Bollywood. In the mid-1980s, Khan made performances on several television shows to begin his career. He has received various honors, including Fourteen National Film awards, and has acted in more than 90 movies.

Shahrukh Khan enjoys a huge fan base throughout the Indian subcontinent and in Asia. In terms of both audience size and box office earnings, he has reportedly been ranked among the most popular movie stars in the world. His salary per month and monthly income are around twelve to thirteen crores.


Sun in 21° 49′ Aquarius Uranus in 13° 41′ Virgo(r)
Moon in 9° 50′ Gemini Neptune in 19° 59′ Scorpio
Mercury in 11° 53′ Aquarius Pluto in 15° 37′ Virgo(r)
Venus in 6° 48′ Aquarius North Node in 19° 48′ Gemini(r)
Mars in 26° 59′ Virgo(r) Chiron in 16° 43′ Pisces
Jupiter in 17° 44′ Taurus Ascendant in 9° 31′ Scorpio
Saturn in 5° 41′ Pisces MC in 12° 52′ Leo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

As a Scorpio like Aries and Gemini, Shahrukh Khan is a member of the Water component of astrology. Mr.Khan as a Scorpio is not scared by a challenge. He is courageous and will always stand up for his values especially when loved ones are at risk. He takes great satisfaction in his fresh concepts and sharp mind.

ENTPs are curious by nature and will correct someone if they are mistaken about anything. ENTPs frequently become lost in their thoughts, and their brains operate at a billion miles an hour. They have a lot of thoughts, questions, and new viewpoints as soon as they awake.

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Meaning of the Birth Chart

According to Shahrukh khan‘s birth chart astrology, Mercury and Saturn are both considered leaders in his birth horoscope. His backward Mars in Aquarius in the tenth house which was present at birth aids in his ability to present a bright picture. On the other side, Mars’ ninth house is located in its own fourth house.

It is the king of attraction and the reason why he is currently successful today. Success, dominance, power, wealth, wisdom, and wealth are further defined when the third lord of richness joins the eleventh lord of profits. His employment prospects will improve in the ensuing years because the twelfth lord moon is in the sixth house.

Who is Shahrukh Khan’s astrologer?

Famous numerologist Niraj Mancchanda, an astrologer for nearly eighteen years, believes that Shah Rukh Khan will only be able to successfully make a comeback if his movies are released during Venus.

According to Mr.Khan’s birth details, he is passing between Capricorn and Venus, and everything about him derives from his Planet. Mr.Khan’s son’s birth chart and Shahrukh Khan’s birth chart look opposite according to his astrologer.

What is Shahrukh Khan Nakshatra?

Shah Rukh Khan’s rising sign is Libra. According to Shahrukh Khan’s birth chart, the Sun occupies the sign of Libra. Sun is also in the Swati Nakshatra.

What makes Shahrukh Khan so special?

Numerous people came out in support of him, and online users shared their memories of his generosity, elegance, sincerity, and ability to make you feel like the only guy on the globe. Because you pay attention when SRK speaks. When you reply, you sincerely believe he is understanding. These qualities make him special amongst people.

Does Shahrukh Khan believe in numerology?

The actor, despite his desire for everyone to believe differently, is a big believer in numerology and the magic of digits. He is so anxious that everything around him must follow figures 555 and 40, at particular items that have digits related to them.


1st House starts at 9° Scorpio

(Containing Neptune)

7th House starts at 9° Taurus

(Containing Jupiter)

2nd House starts at 8° Sagittarius 8th House starts at 8° Gemini

(Containing Moon and North Node)

3rd House starts at 9° Capricorn

(Containing Mercury and Venus)

9th House starts at 9°Cancer
4th House starts at 12° Aquarius

(Containing Sun and Saturn)

10th House starts at 12° Leo

(Containing Uranus)

5th House starts at 15° Pisces

(Containing Chiron)

11th House starts at 15° Virgo

(Containing Mars and Pluto)

6th House starts at 14° Aries 12th House starts at 14°Libra

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