Pauly D Birth Chart 

SUN IN Cancer


Paul DelVecchio, or “DJ Pauly D” as he is most often called, is a famous American disc jockey and broadcast host. Pauly D became a household name when he was featured on the Abc television show “Jersey Paradise.”

Abc immediately chose Pauly D specifically to star in their program, making him the youngest crew mate from “Jersey Paradise” to do so. ‘The Pauly D Experiment’ was broadcast on Abc from February 29, 2012, to August 14, 2012. To find what birth charts tell you simply follow the article.


Sun in 16° 51′ Capricorn Uranus in 18° 41′ Gemini(r)
Moon in 28° 10 ‘Cancer Neptune in 10° 48′ Libra
Mercury in 7° 36′ Capricorn Pluto in 12° 45′ Leo(r)
Venus in 1° 50′ Sagittarius North Node in 9° 46′ Gemini(r)
Mars in 16° 26′ Capricorn Chiron in 6° 49′ Scorpio
Jupiter in 21° 33′ Scorpio Ascendant in 11° 40′ Libra
Saturn in 6° 53′ Leo(r) MC in 1 5° 16′ Cancer
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Sagittarius is Paul’s astrological symbol, and the wild goat represents his tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity. Paul, being a Sagittarius, was exceptionally kind and committed to his family. Whenever somebody needed assistance, he was available to offer it to them. Capricorns are trustworthy and would stand up for the people they care about.

Paul had the INFP character trait. Maintaining his integrity is very important to him. Given his sensitivity and desire for openness, Paul placed high importance on the freedom of speech. People with INFP tend to ruminate on the bigger existential issues, considering a wide range of scenarios, ideas, and potential outcomes while they do so.

To calculate the birth chart manually you need to know about the direction of your specific planets and symbols.


  • Birthday July 5,1980
  • Birthplace Providence, Rhode Island
  • Age 42 years old
  • Zodiac Sign Cancer

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Meaning of Paul’s natal chart

Leo, as shown in Paul’s horoscope, indicates someone who strives to cram as much fun and happiness into each day as possible. One whose positive outlook and friendly attitude make it easy for them to draw forth the finest in people. Jupiter’s placement in Paul’s tenth sector suggests that he put a premium on experiences that allowed him to broaden his perspective, should it be via crafts, traveling, or intellectual pursuits.

His superior melodic skill may be explained by his passion for study and concern for ideologies, both of which are indicated by Saturn in the 6th house, which is also occupied by Venus. This is exactly what birth charts tell you about an person’s life.

Which Enneagram type was Paul?

Paul was an Integer Category 4 with a strong 3 side. Threes on the Enneagram, like Quadruplets and Doubles, belong to the emotional core and base their decisions mostly on how they feel. Possessing a unique identity and living a purposeful life was very important to him.

Similarly, Paul was honest, although he sometimes suffered anxiety attacks. Enneagram Four Paul was a deep thinker who reflected a lot. Personality tells you a lot about birth charts that are compatible with others.

What is Paul’s moon sign?

Paul intended to obliterate the theatre in ostentatious splendor while promoting Virgo with a crescent. While the lowly Cancer Solar might have kept his pride in check. Paul’s egotistical role as a superstar monarch made it possible that he could act out his identity.

Because Paul was born with Venus in Cancer, he has a natural gravitas toward leadership roles. In walks General Tom, commander of the soldiers operating during the Paul phase. This information exactly implies how birth charts work for twins.

How does the zodiac affect his personality?

Because of his exceptional intelligence, he often surprised everyone around him with insightful observations. Paul’s scientific environment is so irritating because it assumes that intelligence is always an asset.


1st House starts at 1 1° Libra 7th House starts at 11° Aries
2nd House Starts at 6° Scorpio (Containing Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron) 8th House Starts at 6° Taurus
3rd House starts at 8° Sagittarius

(Containing Mercury)

9th House starts at 8° Gemini

(Containing Uranus and North Node)

4th House starts at 15°Capricorn

(Containing Sun and Mars)

10th House starts at 15° Cancer

(Containing Moon, Saturn, and Pluto)

5th House starts at 20° Aquarius 11th House starts at 20° Leo
6th House starts at 19° Pisces 12th House starts at 19° Virgo (Containing Neptune)

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