Lady Gaga Natal Chart [Most Accurate]


Lady Gaga Natal Chart 


  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 28 March 1986 – 09:53h
  • Birthplace: New York, Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Country: United States
  • Age: 36 years


Lady Gaga is a prestigious American musician, entertainer, vocalist, artist, and trendsetter. Her dad is Italian and her mom is half French-Canadian and half Italian, German, Scottish, and English family. Gaga has been capable enough of singing and playing piano since her young life.

Gaga went to New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts. Her song collection, The Fame, was an immense achievement, and the single Emotionless Expression got a lot of fame in very less time.

Gaga won a Golden Globe for her commitments to American Horror Story and an Oscar designation for her co-featuring job in A Star Is Born.


Sun in 23° 39’Leo Uranus in 5° 56’Capricorn(r)
Moon in 28° 50’Virgo Neptune in 99° 4’Capricorn(r)
Mercury in 21° 54’Virgo Pluto in 13° 11’Scorpio
Venus in 9° 45’Leo North Node in 6° 8’Aquarius(r)
Mars in 14° 73’Taurus Chiron in 13° 8’Cancer
Jupiter in 0° 23’Leo Ascendant in 2° 51’Sagittarius
Saturn in 17° 62’Capricorn(r) MC in 19° 77’Virgo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

The planets of Gaga have a very positive impact on her personality. As Saturn in her horoscope travels in a double nature last of fire sign Sagittarius alongside malefic Ketu. Both travel through the eighth house. Saturn and Malefic Ketu traveling through the eighth house gets over the extremist place of Mars This development in the birth chart of LG shows that she needs to apply more and search for an imaginative plan to push ahead her possibilities.

Change for advancement comes out of nowhere for Gaga as she needs to check out the grand reality and lead. This development is because of the planets in her natal chart. It shows how memorable and enthusiastically moderate time ahead for LG, Actress is.

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Meaning of the Lady Gaga Birth Chart 

As you all know, it is to follow astrology. Here are some astrological attributes from Gaga’s birth chart. This natal chart is a long way from revealing insight into her character, which is quite fascinating. Her Moon sign is most certainly Scorpio, as the Moon was in Scorpio the entire day in her introduction to the world area.

Shadow planet Rahu as of now travels in a double nature air sign Gemini. Rahu travels through the subsequent house, connected with money and family fundamentally. Seeing this, Gaga, the Actress needs to target keeping up with warmth in the family. She wants to deal with cash matters and save sufficient arrangements for possibility.

Gaga is to have soul spicing up monetary benefit. Moderate powers are to continue working successfully to offer an empowering chance to display her inborn capacity and ability by composing charming music and proceeding as an artist.

What is Lady Gaga’s favorite color? 

Ldy Gaga is an American singer and songwriter who is brought into the world with Aries Ascendant. Aries Zodiac Sign is a fixed nature first of earth sign and governed by Venus The favorite colors of Gaga are lavender and black.

What is the eye color of Lady Gaga? 

A lot of people think that Gaga uses a lens during her shows and concerts but the reality is that the original color of Gaga’s eyes is green. She is very beautiful and has a charming personality.

What are the planets in Lady Gaga’s birth chart?

Stars that rule Lady Gaga. In a nutshell, a birth chart consists of the Sun and Moon, the two fast-moving or solitary planetary Jupiter, Aphrodite, and Saturn, and the two outer stars Uranus and Neptune.

Which personality type is Lady Gaga?

It’s been shown that Lady Gaga has the ISFP character trait. She uses her songs as an outlet for her fiery personality and needs for self-expression. It’s clear that, as an ISFP, she places a premium on doing things the correct way and holds firm convictions about just what constitutes wrongdoing.

Which Enneagram type is Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga has 4 characters having Three wings, according to the Enneagram. Those having the Psychopath type Four are also Dunks and Twos, and their decision-making tends to be guided by their feelings.

When did Lady Gaga learn to play piano? 

Gaga was fond of music when she was 2 years old. At the age of 4, she started learning piano and later got proficient when she was only 5 years old. Later this became her passion and now she is an amazing singer and a great piano player.

Is Lady Gaga Aries? 

Lady Gaga is an Aries and she has all the good qualities an Aries should have in her. Gaga is well-suited to paying attention to her subjectivity, her instinct, and her mysterious conclusions instead of reason and rationale. She is a very polite and hardworking lady.


1st House starts at 19° Scorpio 7th House starts at 59° Taurus
2nd House starts at 28° Capricorn 8th House starts at 22°Cancer
3rd House starts at 28° Aquarius 9th House starts at 86 ° Leo
4th House starts at 39° Pisces 10th House starts at 15° Virgo
5th House starts at 22° Aries 11th House starts at 15° Libra
6th House starts at 19° Taurus 12th House starts at 29° Scorpio

This fire sign is frequently shown as troublesome, yet we see a greater amount of its positive ability in Gaga’s character. Think about a portion of her kindred Rams. However, they share some Aries characteristics. She is strong and not hesitant to face challenges.

The energy of Lady Gaga’s sun and Venus is offset by her moon in Scorpio, which demonstrates a cool liking for secrets and the psyche. Ponder The Fame Monster, the collection wherein LG investigated the clouded side of VIP. This lunar situation likewise implies Gaga’s sun and moon structure.

Other Birth chart aspects of Lady gaga

As the second Sign of the birth chart Zodiac sign is down to earth and dependable. Aries is much of the time great just when they need to, and with just whom, they need to! Their component earth makes them steady and careful, however, don’t try to underrate them.

Rich and purposeful, Aries become exotic cherishing animals in affection and are extremely responsive as they focus on, and favor activities that are useful and are probably going to have promising outcomes alongside great money-related returns. Saturn shows the 10th house.

Saturn is in a fixed nature water sign Scorpio and positioned in the seventh house. Mars governs the twelfth house and holds the arrangement of the seventh house. Mars is at the end of the fire sign Sagittarius and situated in the eighth house.

Mars is situated in the eighth house perspective the powerful Sun is positioned in the 11th house. Jupiter is in a fixed nature last of the air sign Aquarius and alongside retrograde Mercury is positioned in the 10th house, connected with occupation.

Lady Gaga Birthday Chart Interpretation