Johnny Depp Natal Chart

SUN IN Gemini

Johnny Depp Natal Chart


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 9 June 1963 – 08:44h
  • Birthplace: Owensboro, Kentucky
  • Country: United States the US, United States
  • Age: 59 years


Johnny Depp is the youngest of the four kids. At the age of sixteen, he dropped out of Miramar Secondary Academy in 1976 to explore a future as a pop artist.

A few days passed, and he tried to return to school, but the principal encouraged him to follow his desire to be a musician instead.

Depp began playing with The Youngsters after joining the group in 1982. Johnny married makeup designer Lori Anne Allison in 1984. Among the roles he has played throughout his career is From Hell’s Inspector Frederick Abberline.


Sun in 18° 8′ Gemini Uranus in 1° 34′ Virgo
Moon in 14° 59′ Capricorn Neptune in 13° 24′ Scorpio(r)
Mercury in 25° 21′ Taurus Pluto in 9° 37 ‘Virgo
Venus in 26° 12′ Taurus North Node in 22° 13′ Cancer(r)
Mars in 3° 16 ‘Virgo Chiron in 14° 52 ‘Pisces
Jupiter in 13° 59′ Aries Ascendant in 9° 50′ Virgo
Saturn in 23° 4′ Aquarius(r) MC in 7° 3′ Gemini
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Johnny Depp’s astrological sign is Gemini. As a Gemini, like Aquarian and Libra, Johnny Depp is a member of the Air part of astrological. The twins are the zodiac sign of Gemini, and they stand for the double disposition. The character of Johnny Depp is INFP. He approaches life with an open mind and experiments with a wide range of concepts, ways of living, and activities.

An INFP often prioritizes a purposeful path in life over accumulating monetary money or materialistic things. Because Johnny has always followed his passion, he is now an actor. Johnny is intensely motivated to make the world a better place while also figuring out who he is in it. In general, INFPs excel at comprehending others. Because of Johnny’s intuition, people frequently ask him for advice and tend to trust his decision.

Meaning of the Johnny Depp Birth Chart

The birth chart of johnny Depp shows that Johnny Depp Sun, which governs his life force, will first collide with Chiron, the planet renowned as the Wounded Healer. Johnny Depp’s rising sign indicates that he was spiritually brought into this existence to use painful realizations and connections to cure both himself and everyone else.

He is incredibly compassionate and is capable of guiding and healing others, yet he is drawn to tragedy and keeps repeating situations that started in his family. He probably had a turbulent background and views the world as tragic, so he thinks that only the strongest loves and friendships are darker, gothic, and quirky but also have levels of intensity that are so intense that they reveal our worries and dreams.

He has his Venus conjoined with Neptune and Mercury in his zodiac sign, which adds to the turbulence. Although he is intelligent, creative, and a pioneer, he is also propelled by intense passion, fervor, and exploding emotions. He is extremely aggressive and dominant, but also anarchic to the point of capitulation, followed by play and laughs until he turns into a despot. All of this relates to his perception that his sense of self-love is utterly unstable.

What is Johnny Depp’s astrology sign?

The sign is Gemini in addition to this  Castor and Pollux, or the Dioscuri in Greek mythology, are the symbols of Gemini. It’s good news, and it’s a dynamic indication.

What is the moon sign of Johnny Depp?

Sagittarius is Johnny Depp’s Moon Astrology. And the Moon is in the constellation of Purva Ashadha.

What does the Johnny Depp Moon sign mean?

The zodiac sign is a crucial aspect of your astrological profile since it reveals your temperamental nature, as well as your thoughts, instincts, and memory. It determines how you nurture and care for others, and how you interact with the primary paternal authorities in your existence.

What does Johnny Depp Saturn in his house of partnership mean?

Because of Johnny Depp’s Saturn in Sagittarius location, we should have expected him to have difficulties getting married. If the partnership does take place, it may be fraught with difficulties and obligations.

Which type of Enneagram is Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp has 4 types of personality on the Enneagram with 5 wings. Similarly, with 3 and Twos, Enneagram Fours are members of the heart center and automatically make the decisions on their feelings. He places a high priority on having a distinct identity and mission in life. Johnny is also truthful and self-aware, yet he has his moments.

Johnny is an autonomous, sensitive, and contemplative Enneagram Four. He has a distinct perspective on life and values authenticity greatly. Enneagram Fours have a great desire to communicate with others who are aware of their motives and personality traits. Johnny is an artist who uses his works of art to communicate his complicated feelings and ideas.

Is the ascendant in Leo?

Leo rising people must exercise their leadership, strength, and innovation. They seek adoration, respect, and adulation. Some people might press their way to the front and be unusual. These folks could be dangerous due to their ego. To earn our respect and appreciation, they must first attempt.

Those who don’t succeed could develop resentment. When people learn to contribute without anticipating anything in response, things start to change. To improve a partnership, one must learn to control their ferocious passion and become more impartial and fair.

Is the Sun conjunct Pluto?

Johnny Depp is in conjunction with Pluto, which intensifies the Plutonian power present. A lesson on restriction, disaster, and the purifying of purpose through test and destabilization, the conjunction of the sun, the star of personhood and energy, and Mercury, the planet of murder and strength, will last a lifetime. Although by no means simple, this combination has a lot of opportunities.

Johnny Depp’s reply to the disclosure of contentious and racist words he had previously used on public media channels shows the reactive, negative character of this combo. His original response was arrogant and lacked appreciation and apologized much too little.


1st House starts at 9° Virgo    (Containing Pluto) 7th House starts at 9° Pisces (Containing Chiron)
2nd House starts at 4° Libra 8th House starts at 4° Aries    (Containing Jupiter)
3rd House starts at 4° Scorpio (Containing Neptune) 9th House starts at 4° Taurus  (Containing Mercury and Venus)
4th House starts at 7° Sagittarius 10th House starts at 7° Gemini  (Containing Sun
5th House starts at 10° Capricorn (Containing Moon) 11th House starts at 10° Cancer (Containing North Node)
6th House starts at 12° Aquarius (Containing Saturn) 12th House starts at 1° Leo (Containing Mars and Uranus)

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Johnny Depp

People are comfortable with him because of his ability to communicate. It is common for INFPs to act awkwardly in social settings, even on dates. They frequently go through a whirlwind of feelings when dating since they have one very emotional personal characteristic. The INFP personality type is undoubtedly the most empathic and compassionate. The money indicators in the natal chart show that he will be a rich guy with a lot of difficulties.

He may be surprising as well. Although he has never experienced generosity within himself, he is innately damaging to himself, which causes his transformation from becoming a king to a warrior to occur without his knowledge. The johnny Depp and amber heard natal chart shows they have too many similarities in them.

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