Joe Rogan Birth Chart



  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 11 August 1967
  • Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey
  • Country: United States
  • Age: 55 years


On October 6th, 1967, Joe Rogan entered this world. He was raised in Newark. He had a brief professional fighting career before retiring at the age of 21 due to injury concerns.

He got his beginning in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian in Massachusetts, which paved the way for his later success on television. In 1954, Rogan inked a developing deal with Disney and began making guest appearances on channels like CBS and Fox in his role as a comedic performer. To know about Joe Rogan’s astronomy follow the article.


Sun in 10° 46′ Libra Uranus in 3° 28′ Pisces(r)
Moon in 10° 38 ‘Gemini Neptune in 12° 43′ Aquarius(r)
Mercury in 9° 8′ Libra Pluto in 19° 51′ Sagittarius
Venus in 29° 56′ Leo North Node in 3° 3′ Taurus(r)
Mars in 4° 42′ Libra Chiron in 20° 32′ Capricorn
Jupiter in 1° 50 ‘Libra Ascendant in 10° 1′ Sagittarius
Saturn in 26° 11′ Cancer MC in 28° 34′ Virgo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

As a Libra, Joe shares a component with Aries and Taurus: air. As a Libra, Joe strives to keep harmony. He has an innate knack for diplomacy, chooses his remarks with caution, and actively seeks commonality with people.

Joe is driven by a strong commitment to fairness and a desire to ensure that everyone is heard and respected. The ENFP temperament trait best describes Joe. Not much can be said about Joe Rogan’s Chinese zodiac due to a lack of data on the internet.

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Meaning of Joe Rogan Birth Chart

Joe has a Libra ascending. His Luna is opposite to Jupiter, making him a bit of an outlier with a strong sense of self-reliance. He wants to be a trendsetter and distinguish himself. However, he eventually can rethink his existence and produce the determination to modify his trajectory, so it’s not all bad.

His Mercury also links up with Uranus, but somehow this once it’s a syncing rather than a collision. As a result, he becomes more daring, creative, and powerful. The planet’s combination with Mercury stimulates his interest in and success in professional pursuits and also makes him a prolific inventor. This guy Joe Rogan follows a life path number and works accordingly.

There’s a deep hunger for success and significance in his heart. Because he is so driven, he does have an endless supply of energy and the ability to complete his goals. If someone were to disturb him, his fiery anger would cause anything to be destroyed.

Which Enneagram type is Joe?

Joe is a 7 with a 6 side on the Enneagram. Like the Sixth and the Seventh on the Enneagram, those with the Seven types are primarily located in the rational mind and tend to make decisions based on facts rather than intuition.

Joe attempts to get his head around it without continuing. Sevens on the Enneagram value deep connections with others and thrive when given responsibility. The Enneagram Seven Joe is flexible, perceptive, and optimistic.

What is the Sun Sign of Joe?

Joe’s lunar node is in the symbol of Taurus the bull. Since the sun also occupies Rohini Nakshatra, he is confident, charismatic, and well-liked by those of the opposing sex. Happy with life even now in his senior years.

How is Jupiter placed in Joe’s Birth chart?

In Joe’s horoscope, Jupiter is situated in Capricorn. Jupiter is protected by Uttara Phalguni Sthana, therefore he is patient, stingy, rich, forceful, and the author of his own life. Jupiter is now in Leo, impacting the tenth house from the sixth.  When the eleventh Lord occupies the 5th house, it bestows a son with many benefits.


1st House starts at 1 1° Libra 7th House starts at 11° Aries
2nd House Starts at 6° Scorpio (Containing Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron) 8th House Starts at 6° Taurus
3rd House starts at 8° Sagittarius

(Containing Mercury)

9th House starts at 8° Gemini

(Containing Uranus and North Node)

4th House starts at 15°Capricorn

(Containing Sun and Mars)

10th House starts at 15° Cancer

(Containing Moon, Saturn, and Pluto)

5th House starts at 20° Aquarius 11th House starts at 20° Leo
6th House starts at 19° Pisces 12th House starts at 19° Virgo (Containing Neptune)

Joe Rogan Astrology Chart