Jeff Bezos Birth Chart [Most Accurate]

SUN IN Capricorn

Jeff Bezos Birth Chart


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 12 January 1964
  • Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Country: United States
  • Age: 58 years


Jeff Bezos is the Amazon creator, executive chairman, and previous director and CEO of Amazon. He has  139 million US dollars in net wealth as of October 2021. The second-richest individual on earth is Mr. Bezos. In 1988, Bezos received his diploma from Oxford Institute. He has degrees in computer research and mechanical technology.

From 1985 to the beginning of 1995, he served on Wall Street in a range of linked disciplines. Blue Origin, a provider of sub-orbital rocket operations and an aircraft producer, was established by Bezos in 2002.

As the first billionaire on the World income level, Bezos earned the title of the wealthiest man in recent history in August 2018 when his net worth exceeded $150 bn.


Sun in 21° 36′ Capricorn Uranus in 9° 43′ Virgo(r)
Moon in 28° 22’Sagittarius Neptune in 17° 27′ Scorpio
Mercury in 5° 2′ Capricorn(r) Pluto in 14° 2′ Virgo(r)
Venus in 24° 41′ Aquarius North Node in 10° 43′ Cancer(r)
Mars in 29° 38′ Capricorn Chiron in 11° 29 ‘Pisces
Jupiter in 11° 58′ Aries Ascendant in 29° 55′ Aries
Saturn in 21° 39′ Aquarius MC in 18° 8 ‘Capricorn
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

As a Capricorn, like Leo and Horoscope, Mr. Bezos is a member of the Earth component of astrology. The sea goat, the zodiac sign of Capricorn, shows the potential to develop in hostile circumstances. Jeff, a Capricorn, is traditional and loves history in both his social and professional environment.

Jeff is generally a risk-averse person who likes to drive it carefully and values steadiness and safety. Jeff has a great awareness of responsibility and is dependable.ISTJ is the personality type of Jeff Bezos. He approaches life with logic. Jeff is the kind of man that can rely on to keep his promise since he is honest and reliable.

Traditional ISTJs frequently anticipate the same behavior from other people. Jeff appreciates hierarchically defined groups and is most at ease while following the laws. He is attracted to all kinds of systems because he values accuracy. Jeff is devoted and values his family.

Meaning of the Jeff Bezos Birth Chart

According to Jeff Bezos’s birth chart analysis, Amazon Chairman Mr. Bezos was born with a Pisces astrological. Mercury, the king of the rising, is placed in this area, also known as the 1st sector. The tenth sector, associated with the profession, is also ruled by Mars. Both the third and 8th houses are ruled by Mercury.

Pluto is placed in the Twelfth house and is in the final degree of the air symbol Gemini. Moon is in a good position to help his business, Amazon, gain international recognition. Planet, who is cunning, rules the twelfth house and is the owner of the Gain-related 11th place inventory. Saturn is in its own house of Sagittarius, while strong Mars is located in the 11th house beside Jupiter.

When considering this, two powerful planets were placed in the house of gain aid to increase his potential for significant riches. In Jeffrey Bezos, birth chart sixth house is ruled by Strong Sun.

Which Enneagram type is Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos’s Enneagram personality type is three. Alongside Twos and Fours Enneagram Threes are members of the emotions and generally make their judgments on their feelings. People are always interested that what qualities Mr. Bezos has. He values assisting people and building relationships highly.

Enneagram Three Jeff is motivated, likable, and straightforward which proved what traits Mr. Bezos has. He has definite objectives and a strategy for achieving them. Jeff has an Enneagram Three personality type, which means he has done a bit in his career. Jeff is very good at understanding others and easily adjusts to various economic surroundings.

What is the position of the shadow planet in Jeff Bezos’s natal chart?

There is a shadow planet passing through Gemini right now. It returns to the same spot in the sky as his birth chart, the fourth house. As a result of its prominence, it appears that Jeff Bezos benefits.

What are the ascendant signs in Jeff Bezos’s natal chart?

Jupiter, the ruler of the rising, finds much affection in the first house. The tenth house, which rules over one’s career, likewise receives this placement.

How many houses does venus rule in Jeff Bezos’s natal chart?

Venus is the planetary ruler of the third and eighth houses. Venus rules the final astrological sign, Aquarius, and the twelfth house.

Which house is ruled by the Sun in Jeff Bezos’s natal chart?

The Sun is the all-powerful ruler of the sixth house. Now that it’s in Sagittarius, the sun has a split personality.

What is the rising sign of Jeff Bezos?

The rising sign of Jeff Bezos is Sagittarius which means he is content, well-liked, successful, wealthy, trustworthy, and truthful. This is so because Dhanu is a blazing symbol and the sun is a hot planet. The individual has severe self-respect issues, is irritable, and has breezy problems. He may be sentimental. He may reside abroad.

He has a slim build and a large brow. He has less hair on his head and is rich and brave. He is lucky, admired by the administration or the prince, and possesses high morality and skills. He is even charming, intelligent, and well-liked. With the ninth Lordship in Lagna, one becomes a public servant who is wealthy yet frugal and faithful to the elderly and Receivers.

Was Jeff Bezos born rich?

Bezos proved intelligence from his childhood. From the time he was Four years old to the age of Sixteen, Bezos spend his vacations working on his grandfather’s farm in Texas, fixing cranes and castrating cattle. Before moving to Seattle to found Amazon, Mr. Bezos began his profession in New York as a strategy firm manager.

Amazon initially had trouble making money, but today it is valued at $1.9 trillion. Throughout the virus, its stock value has reached new peaks. Bezos has battled economic probes, survived controversies, visited space, and become the wealthiest individual in the country.


1st House starts at 29° Aries 7th House starts at 29° Libra (Containing Neptune)
2nd House starts at 1° Gemini 8th House starts at 1° Sagittarius
3rd House starts at 25° Gemini (Containing North Node) 9th House starts at 25° Sagittarius  (Containing Moon and Mercury)
4th House starts at 18° Cancer 10th House starts at 18° Capricorn  (Containing Sun and Mars)
5th House starts at 13° Leo

(Containing Uranus and Pluto)

11th House starts at 13° Aquarius (Containing Venus, Saturn, and Chiron)
6th House starts at 15° Virgo 12th House starts at 15° Pisces  (Containing Jupiter)

Other aspects of Jeff Bezos Birth Chart

He works incredibly strong, and ISTJs can maintain their attention for extended durations of time. Jeff talks in a straightforward manner, trying to stick to the topic instead of elaborating. Jeff is naturally watchful and considers all the information before taking a judgment. Jeff Bezos’s astrology birth chart shows that he loves stability and truthfulness because he is an ISTJ personality type.

Sun is in Sagittarius, the last flaming symbol with a split character. Sun is joined by the moon, Mercury, and the unfavorable planet Ketu in the final fire sign of Capricorn. They are all in the 10th sector, which is associated with work. Luna, the shadowy component, is positioned in the 4th house and is in the twin personality air sign of Aries.

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